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2014 Modesto Half Marathon Pictures

One of the perks from the Modesto Marathon is that all the pictures taken by the course photographers were free.  At the race you could pick up pictures that were taken on the course and printed out for free at the end.  The tent was so crowded that I just took a quick peek as best I could and got out.

Today the pictures were finally available on-line.  Let me remind you here that I’m not pretty when I run.  I sweat, my face turns red and my hair gets frizzy.  I don’t wear make up and when I’m done, I look like I just worked hard.  I’m not one of those ladies that looks like they just finished fixing their face after a half marathon.  I look and feel like I just work my tail off.

The following pictures are not for the faint of heart….scroll at your own risk.

Mile 7.5 - Looking good, feeling good
Mile 7.5 – Looking good, feeling good
MIle 10 - looking exhausted and feeling exhausted.  That excalated quickly.
MIle 10 – looking exhausted and feeling exhausted. That escalated quickly.
Finished!  So happy to be done!
Finished! So happy to be done!

A week and a half until The Running of the Elks on April 6th.  My training this week has been on a slight hiatus due to the demands of life.  I finally got in run yesterday morning and it was the first one since The Modesto Marathon.  I was worried that it wasn’t going to feel good or I was going to be in pain but once I got going, it felt so great.

Miles:  4.58
Time: 45:04
Pace: 9:50

I’m going to try to squeeze in another run tonight because I already know that I’m going to miss my Friday run.  I have an appt to get my hair done and it’s going to be a long once because I’m getting a Keratin treatment done, plus the regular cut & color.  I’m looking forward to it because the keratin will help cut down the frizzy that I’ve been having.

Avenue of the Vines

In other running news, I’ve decided to add one more race to my schedule for this spring.  I decided to add another Half Marathon to the schedule but this one isn’t until May 18th.  It should be interesting since I’ll be on vacation for most of the week prior to the Half, so my training won’t be dead on.  But I’m not too worried since that would have been taper week for me anyway.  But now I need to put a training plan in place so that I can stay on track for this one.

9 days until The Running of the Elk
30 days until the Capital City Classic – 10 mile
50 days until The Avenue of the Vines Half Marathon

That’s not too crazy…

I’ve never had a race/training schedule like this before.  It’s tight and doesn’t allow much room for anything else.  I have decided to quit cross fit for right now because I was working out 7 days a week between my running schedule and crossfit.  It was leaving me no time to rest and no time to take care of anything else that needed to be taken care of.  I’m still doing body weight exercises at home so it’s not a total wash.  But I really need some room to take care of family business and some monkey business.

At this point, I will not be adding any additional races to my schedule until fall.  It’s going to be getting hot here and I don’t do well running in the heat.  At some point all my running will be switched to the AM before work which means getting up at 4am.  Not looking forward to that part at all but I don’t want to let my running drop off over the summer and then half to start from square one in the fall, especially if I’m going to run any fall halves which I would like to do.

What’s your summer training schedule look like?

Any fall races that you’re looking forward to?

Easy Run? I think not…

Not too shabby for a windy day.

Last nights schedule was an easy 45 minute run but when the wind is blowing in the Sacramento Valley, there is no such thing as an easy run.  The was blowing pretty steady and then it would gust and then blow steady again.  It seemed like no matter which way I turned the wind was in my face trying to slow me down.  But the joke is on the wind, I run faster when it’s windy!

Scheduled:  45 minute easy run

Time:  45:03
Miles:  4.53
Average Pace: 9.57

Lap 1:  10:22
Lap 2:  10:19
Lap 3:  10:03
Lap 4:  9:34
Lap 5:  4.:46

The run was good, I felt good but the best part…

Shorts & Tank Top!!!!
              Shorts & Tank Top!!!!

I wore shorts & a tank top for the first time this year!  Sorry for the bad selfie but I suck at them.  I still haven’t figured out how teenagers do it.  But still shorts!  And a tank top!!!  I wore black pants and 3/4 sleeve shirt to work yesterday and wanted to die it was sooooo hot.  I couldn’t wait to get home and change into something much cooler.  I’ve had this tank top for 2 years and haven’t worn it.  I never wear tank tops becuase I hate my arms…well hated my arms.  Since I’ve been going to crossfit they look so much nicer, toned.

If you’re in to Athleta or Oakley, Zulily has a great sale going on.  I picked up some Athleta shorts and capris at a good discount.

What are your favorite brands of workout gear?

Sunday Long Run


Sunday long run…the day most filled with anxiety.   My last few long runs have not gone well and I was really nervous about this run.  I haven’t run this far in a couple of years.  But all the worry was for nothing.  The run went really well.

I went out slower than I normally would have for shorter; about 12 minutes per mile.  I tried to keep the miles slow but by the end I was doing my normal 10:30-ish mile.  I was very happy.  The last mile was getting tough but I started thinking about my victory at crossfit this week.  I was finally able to jump onto the big box for the box jumps.  It wasn’t that I couldn’t do it physically but mentally it was just a no go.  During that last tough mile I had the biggest grin on my face thinking about how I beat that box.  Proud.

I finished the 9 miles without walking.  I’m feeling very proud of myself and accomplished.  And I finally feel like I can actually run this half without dying.  Now it’s time for errands and coffee…not necessarily in that order.

Cross Training & Schedule Mix Ups

Some times making changes to an already packed training schedule is not a good thing.  Normally I do crossfit on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  These are my rest days from running.  As a general rule, no running is allowed but I like to have active rest days.  I will walk my dogs and cross train on those days but yesterday was different and I’m paying the price this morning.

Between work and crossfit I have about an hour to kill.  It’s  not enough time to get my run completed, plus an active cool down and stretching so I do chores around the house…fold laundry, run the vacuum, etc.  Then Hubby and I are off to crossfit.  Last nights class ran about 15 minutes long and it was 7pm (class starts at 5:30) before I got home.  I had to quickly change gears and grab my reflective vest and all the gear that goes along with running in the dark and get to it.

Tired legs do not make for a fast run.

I had to do my scheduled Friday run last night because I’m getting my hair done after work today and nobody wants to sweat out a new dye job.  By the time I finished the run and active cool down it was 8pm.  I still need to do my squats, sit ups, push ups & plank.  By the time I finished that and was ready to eat dinner, it was 8:30pm.  I grabbed a quick Peanut Butter & honey sandwich and chips with a chocolate soymilk and called it dinner.  I hit the shower at 9pm and finally was in bed at 10pm.

I love you, Coffee.  Don't tell Hubby.  He might get jealous of our unending love.
I love you, Coffee. Don’t tell Hubby. He might get jealous of our unending love.

According to my Fitbit, I slept 6 hours and 11 minutes.  Not enough.  My eyes keep trying to close against my will this morning.  I tried to hide the dark circles under my eyes with makeup but coffee and I will be spending quality time together today.  Coffee at home, coffee at the office.  I’m in charge of purchasing coffee for the office so at least I know it won’t be some slop.  Hello, my name is Mad Runner and I’m a coffee snob.

Last nights crossfit was tough with lots of leg work.  We practiced double unders (I almost had one) then weights, box jumps and burpees.  I was super proud of myself.  I finally was able to jump onto the big box.  I usually try and then my mind says you can’t and then I can’t so I end up with the little girl box jump.  It’s super embarrassing to have to use the little one.  I’m tall and tiny girls are jumping onto the big box and I can’t.  But not last night, my friends!  I jumped and jumped and jumped!  I was smiling from ear to ear.

After all that leg work, my run was very tough…and dark.  But I powered through with no walking.  I tried not to stare at my Garmin and will away the miles.  I tried to be as present as possible.  But considering I did 4.27 miles in 45 minutes at a 10:27 pace, it really wasn’t a bad run physically but it was very tough mentally.  I’m glad I made it through and I hope that I don’t have to do that too many times between now and my April Half.

My Husband is the best for many, many reasons but last night he did the most wonderful thing.  Whenever one of us is going shopping some where, we always ask for a present.  Sometimes you get a candy bar or a fishing lure; whatever is inexpensive and an impulse buy.  This time he brought me home a 18″ foam roller.  I have a mini roller but I needed a larger one too.  I’m planning on spending some time with it tonight after I get my hair done.

What is your favorite area to roll?

I love rolling out my IT band and my glutes.

What’s your favorite way to treat yourself for a job well done?

Nail polish or new running gear, I can’t decide.


Have a super weekend!