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April is Here & I’m Ready…I Think

April Board

April is here and I figured that it was time I updated my board with my current training schedules and motivation.  For all of March I still had February’s stuff up.  I never took the time to update the board, mostly because I was lazy and partly because it just wasn’t a priority for me.

I love my squirrel calendar.  I know it’s cheesy but by the time I finally got around to buying one Tractor Supply only had this one and tractors.  Tractors just aren’t my thing but I do have an odd love of squirrels.  Too bad none live in my neighborhood.

April Running & Racing Schedule

In addition to my squirrel calendar and my Fleet Feet Training Schedule from 2 years ago (what?  I keep it as a reference point), I have my April Running & Racing Schedule.  I love that I can get free typeable/printable calendars on-line.  It makes it so much easier for me to work out my schedule without having to write everything in pencil and then pen it in when I’ve finalized it.  I love crossing off the days and marking in what shoes I wore as the month goes on.  It helps to keep my on track and feel motivated as well as accomplished as the month goes on.

April is going to be a tough busy month as far as training and racing goes.  I have a half marathon scheduled and a 10 miler.  At this point my long runs are done for the Half since it’s this weekend and my long runs aren’t that long in preparation for the 10 miler three weeks later.  8 miles and 9 miles no longer seem long after running 11 miles and then a half marathon last month.  But I am upping my weekly mileage.  Last month all my Monday/Friday runs were 4 miles.  For April I’m upping them to 5 miles.  And the 4 mile Saturday runs are going to 6 miles.  This may or may not actually happen but I’m going to try it out.  4 miles on Saturday just seemed like a very short run for me.  I would be home in 40 minutes and have the rest of the day which was great but I feel like it’s not challenging me enough, so up goes the miles.

FitFluential April Abs

Last month I did FitFluential’s March Miles challenge.  This month Hubby and I are both doing their April Abs Challenge.  You plank (any version you wish) for the alloted time each day.  The challenge is here if you want to check it out.  We planked to 30 seconds yesterday and as the bad wife I am, I chuckled at Hubby having to really work hard for about the last 15 seconds.  But he got through it and did a great job.  I know that as the times get up past 1:30, I will be struggling too.  But I love the challenge of it all.

April Motivation

This month’s motivation is more of everything that makes it so worth while.  More effort = more satisfied.  The one thing that I don’t have on my board but need is a reminder that when I eat crap food, I feel like crap.  Gotta add that one because it’s so true.  I have not been eating good the last few weeks and I haven’t felt my best.  I  need to get rid of the junk and incorporate more high quality protein and carbs as well as more veggies.  I eat a lot of fruit every day and try for quality foods during the work day but at night it’s been falling apart in a big way.  I don’t want to mention the fact that I ate a whole package of fruit newtons in two days…they were whole wheat!  That makes it not as bad right?  No…I didn’t think so.  I need to make meal planning more of a priority.  Maybe I should update the Training Schedule to say Meal Plan on Thursdays.

What’s on your motivation/training board?

Do you meal plan?  If so, where do you get your ideas?

I’m the Fastest Kid Alive!

Ok, I’m neither fast nor a kid but I did run my fastest mile since middle school last night and I’m flying high today because of it.

03-27-14 Splits

Look at mile 4…8:46!  Negative splits all the way and then, BAM, 8:46.  I knew I was working hard the whole run but I didn’t realize that I was working that hard.  The last mile was me pep talking myself the whole way.  “I know it hurts but keep going.”  “Don’t slow down.”  “Shut brain, let legs handle this.”  “Go legs!!”

I am so proud of that one mile.  It was a good run but that one mile was amazing to me.  I remember when I thought I was so slow running an 8 min/mile.  If getting older means getting faster, I’m in.  I’m faster than I was two years ago and I’m continuing to get faster.  Of course I’m working at it, it’s not a magic trick but I’m so excited to see the numbers dropping.

FF March Miles

My original goal was to run 70 miles by March 30th, but I decided to make it 100 miles by March 31st to participate in FitFluential’s March Miles.  Including yesterday’s run, I’m at 95 miles.

FitFluential March Miles

I have 3 more runs scheduled for this month.  Saturday is 4 miles, Sunday is long run day at 9 miles and Monday is 4 miles.  No run tonight because I’m getting my hair done but after Mondays run, I will be at 112 miles.

When I was running a couple of years ago, I didn’t feel like I was a real runner unless I was logging weeks in the 30 miles area.  Each mile was fought and won but there was no joy in them.  It was a job.  I never pushed that hard, I never wanted anything more than to finish.   But this time is different.  I love my runs more than ever.  And yesterdays run was a prime example of that.  I loved my run not just because I got an amazing mile time but because I was in a terrible mood before I went out and when I came back I was a much happier person.

Legally Blonde

Elle’s right.  Not that my husband was in any danger…last night.  Just kidding.  But no matter how tired I am or how much PMS (sorry guys) I’m dealing with or crappy days at work, running leaves it all behind and I come back a much happier person.

I Love Running

What do you love about running?

Racing this weekend?  Tell me when & where!