Sunday Long Run


Sunday long run…the day most filled with anxiety.   My last few long runs have not gone well and I was really nervous about this run.  I haven’t run this far in a couple of years.  But all the worry was for nothing.  The run went really well.

I went out slower than I normally would have for shorter; about 12 minutes per mile.  I tried to keep the miles slow but by the end I was doing my normal 10:30-ish mile.  I was very happy.  The last mile was getting tough but I started thinking about my victory at crossfit this week.  I was finally able to jump onto the big box for the box jumps.  It wasn’t that I couldn’t do it physically but mentally it was just a no go.  During that last tough mile I had the biggest grin on my face thinking about how I beat that box.  Proud.

I finished the 9 miles without walking.  I’m feeling very proud of myself and accomplished.  And I finally feel like I can actually run this half without dying.  Now it’s time for errands and coffee…not necessarily in that order.


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