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Pre Race Jitters? Who me?

Pretty Princess Pink Nails

 Stopped on my way home last night to get my nails done.  My old nail polish was in bad shape because I couldn’t keep myself from picking at it.  Gel nail polish is like a plastic more than a traditional polish and I couldn’t stop myself from picking it off.  Because I’m a 12-year-old girl, I got sparkly pink polish.  I know I’m 38 but some times it just feels right to be 12 again.

Since I got gel polish again, my nails were dry before I left the salon.  When I got home I changed my clothes and headed out for a run.

03-20-14 Splits

I went out just fine at 10 min/mile but about half way through mile 2 I had a wicked side cramp and heart burn.  I didn’t realize it at the time but I had increased my mile time by more than 30 seconds.  I can run a 9:30 mile but yesterday it just didn’t agree with me.  I think it was a couple of factors that cause it.

1.  I hadn’t eaten anything since 3pm and it was now after 6.  I need fuel to run.  It’s a proven fact.

2.  Heat.  It was 78 degrees here yesterday afternoon.  And there wasn’t much of a breeze to help keep me cool.  Me and heat don’t get along.  I tend to get fainty.  I once fainted at a renissance fair due to heat.  Thankfully when  I passed out, I fell into the guy in front of me and he was quick thinking and was able to grab me.  So embrassing.

Thankfully I was able to slow my pace to more of a 10 min/mile pace and the cramp went away.  The heartburn did not.  But that’s doable.  The cramp was really uncomfortable.  It was on my right side, lower almost on the front of my rib cage.  So annoying.

Right now I’m hoping that this isn’t  a precursor to the Half on Sunday.  It’s 1 day and 21 hours and 59 mintues away (give or take).  Sunday is going to be fine.  No bad omens.  No pre race jitters.

Originally, I was planning to run this race fast and shoot for a 2:20 or 2:25 finish.  But the more I think about it and get advice from more experienced races, I think I’m going to pull back and go for a 2:29:00 finish time or at least a time between 2:25 and 2:29.  At my last half marathon 2 years ago, I finished in 2:29:30.  And I’d like to beat that time without killing myself.  This is a training run, not a race.  My real race is still two weeks a way.

Week 5 Long Run Splits

I have been looking at last weeks long run for inspiration and to remind myself that I’m prepped for this run.  I only had three miles that were 11 minutes or over and 2 of those were at times I was fueling.  I will slow down a lot to fuel because I can’t breathe through my nose which means that some times I will walk or slow to a very slow jog.

I maintained a 10:55 average pace for this run but there are factors that I can’t control when racing that don’t apply to your long runs.  Race traffic isn’t an issue at home but it is during the race.  The lucky run was proof of that.  During that race 7 mile/7k group was so crowded that my first mile was 1:11 min/mile and by the last mile when I was basicly alone except for getting passed by the eleits from the Half, was 9:47 min/mile.  Obviously traffic was a factor there.

I’m planning to take my small hand bottle to avoid the water stations as much as possable.  Traffic around the aid stations can get a bit crazy.  I figure I will only need water after 9 or 10 miles.  I plan to hit the tables at the back of the line to avoid any kind of congestion.

No matter what happens on Sunday, I am going to run my own pace and my own race.

Week 5 Long Run and Recap…

Luck O'the Irish

Happy St. Patrick’s Day, my friends!  If you had long runs planned for Sunday morning, I hope you didn’t do too much rabble rousing on Saturday night or if you did, I hope you were able to pull off the long run without a hangover.  I stayed in on Saturday night and did no drinking…which is pretty normal considering I don’t drink.  But whatever, St. Paddy’s day is upon us and I hope it’s lucky for you.

Week 5 recap:

Monday:  5.07 miles in 50:56
Wednesday:  4:55 miles in 45:05
Friday:  Skipped to stay home and eat pizza with Hubby
Saturday:  4:02 miles in 41:09
Sunday:  11.03 miles in 2:00:21

I was really happy with my Monday & Wednesday Short runs.  Monday average pace was 10:03 & Wednesday was 9:57.  Saturday was ok at 10:14.  It’s nice to see that despite the warming of the temperatures, I’m still able to keep my times in the 10 minute range.  I know it’s not “fast” but I admit that I’m a middle to back of the pack girl.  But at 10 minutes/mile I feel like I’m putting in a good effort.

Long run:

Sunday Long Run 3/16

Sundays long run was really nice.  I planned a route that would take me from my familiar routes to a new area of “town” that I’d not really run in.  New terrain on a long run is a must to keep me from thinking about the run.  I wish I’d taken some pictures because it was a beautiful morning.  Right now despite the drought, it’s very green and lush here.  I saw squirrels, cows, horses, sheep, goats, ducks and chickens.  My route took me out into a more rural part of town and it so so lovely.  The only down side is that there are no shoulders on the road or sidewalks so I was forced into the roads.  But most cars just gave me a wide berth, waved and went on.  In town, if you’re in the street it’s almost like they aim for you.

Week 5 Long Run

I mostly stayed in the upper 10’s, lower 11’s.  While I would have liked to start picking up the pace around mile 5 and finish with my pace in the lower 10’s, long run is supposed to be long and slow so I’m ok with it.  Average pace as 10:55 and I finished in 2 hours.  My goal for Running of the Elks is to finish around 2:20:00 and I think that if I can keep an 11/minute pace I will come dang close to that goal.  While my goal is 2:20 as long as I beat my previous half marathon time of 2:29:30, I’m going to be happy.

Running of the Elks is now 3 weeks away.  I have two more longs runs and then it’s taper to the race.  The plan is to run a 12 mile long run this coming Sunday and then a 9 miler on the following Sunday.  On one hand I feel like I’m prepared for the race but on the other, I’m kind nervous about it.  Pre-race jitters.  Clearly I’ve done the work.  I’m not worried about not finishing or looking like a fool or coming in last but the thought of not performing the way I know I can scares me.  Or having a tough run that I struggle the entire time, now that scares me.  I try not to think about it.

What scares you about racing?

How do you mentally prepare for a big race?