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Race Recap – Kaiser Permanente Women’s Fitness Festival

Even though the packet pickup for this race opened last Thursday, I didn’t get around to picking up my packet until Saturday.  Normally I love packet pickup day but I just didn’t really care to drive the 30 minutes up to Sac to pick it up.  I think it was because I’d driven up there on Wednesday to go to the National Running Day meet up.  So call me lazy, I didn’t want to drive up there again.   On Saturday, I convinced Hubby to drive up there with me to get my packet.  The packet was a bit lacking compared to some of the other races I’ve run.  But on the other side, it wasn’t full of paper that I’d just have to recycle at home.  But the shirt is adorable.  It’s a tech shirt which is awesome and even more awesome because you don’t have to pay an upgrade to get.  Tech was standard.


Race morning was pretty standard.  Up at about 4:30, shower, dress, breakfast and out the door at 6.  I managed to find a spot that was just half a block off from Capital Park and on Saturday and Sundays the parking is free so bonus for not having to pay the meters.  I love downtown Sacramento on the weekends.  It’s really quiet and cool with all the huge old trees.  I just love it…on the weekends.


The race had over 3000 women and girls running it.  It was pretty dang impressive to see that many women running the race.  They had pacers which was pretty cool for a 5k.  I don’t think I’ve ever run a 5k that had pacers before.  The pacers were guys but they were dressed up like ladies for the event.  Some wore wigs and tutu’s as well as makeup.  They really got into the spirit of it.  Also Deena Kastor was there and did a great job at giving an inspirational speech to the crowd.  She talked about what it’s like to fulfill a dream and that everyone can fulfill theirs too with hard work and determination.  Unfortunately, I’m not sure that a lot of people know who she is because the crowd kind of talked over her which sucks.  But I thought she was great!

Women's Fit Fest Route

The route had lots of turns in it which is never my favorite.  I’m not good with tangents.  This time I think I was too good at them because according to my Garmin, the course was .05 of a mile short.


because of that .05, I didn’t really PR my 5k because it wasn’t a 5k.  Had it been, I would have totally PR’d this race.  I really went all out. I left it all on the course just like I’ve been practicing at home.


Mile 1: 9:19
Mile 2: 9:28
Mile 3: 8:52
Mile 4: 9:03
Average: 9:13

Just hanging out with my new boyfriend…

One of my main complaints with this race happened after the finish.  After the finish there was no clear way for the runners to get water and collect their medal.  They allowed friends and family to crowed the finish line and you basically had to fight your way through.  They did have some people handing out water but then you had to go find someone to give you a medal.  It was a little bit chaotic for my tastes.  I would have prefered if they had an area for the runners to get their medal and water  before the family members were allowed to block the incoming runners.  I felt as if I was running into a wall of people and had nowhere to go.


The expo after the race was pretty awesome, Whole Foods had a full breakfast for you with fresh fruit, nuts, yogurt, juice & almond milk.  If you are over 21, they had sparkling wine.  Massage Envy was there offering free massages.  I didn’t get one only because I had one scheduled for later that same day.  Plus I was super sweaty and didn’t feel too comfortable asking someone to rub me when I was like that.  Icky.  Blue Diamond almonds was there with a tasting bar.  They also had lot’s of booths for up coming races in case you wanted to sign up for another one before your mind really figured out what you were doing.


  • Packet pick up was well-organized and very easy and quick
  • Tech shirt standard & it’s really cute
  • Deena Kastor was awesome
  • Very cool post race expo with vendors and health information
  • Amazing breakfast with quick-moving lines


  • Short course
  • Not enough finishing room for the runners before the crowds

Race rating:  A-

Bottom line:  I would totally do this one again!

It’s Almost Race Day!

Women's Festival Race Shirt

Kaiser Permanente Thrive Women’s Fitness Festival is coming up on Sunday.  Originally this race was scheduled to have a half marathon but due to some difficulties with the railroads not being willing to promise safe passage for the runners, they dropped the half and are only going to have the 5k.  Thankfully I was  never signed up for the half so I’m good with the 5k.  But due to the change, I think this race is going to be extremely crowded which means I doubt I’m going to be able to set a new PR like I’d been hoping too.

I also have the Granite Bay Courage Run coming up this month too.  So maybe, just maybe I will have a new PR this month!  Stay tuned!

It was a weird day…

Yesterday was a weird day.  I went to work as normal, started my day, took my breaks, ate lunch…the normal stuff.  But I had to leave early to take hubby to the doctor’s office to have an upper GI done.  Since they knock you out for this, he needed a driver so my main job was to hang out in the waiting room and then drive him home.  No biggie – for me.  But since his appointment was at 3:30 it meant that I had to get my run in before.

I left work at 1:30 to head to the gym.  It was so weird being there during the day like that.  I felt like the only people in the gym at that time of day are people without jobs.  Or as my hubby pointed out, people who work nights, shift work…ok I get it.  Plus it might have been people who were working out on their lunch breaks.  Judgement rescinded.  Thanks dear.

But that’s not the weird part and I totally regret not getting a picture of it but while I was at the gym working out, the local PD was putting the Rite Aid in lock down.  I don’t know what was going on but I suspect by the show of local law enforcement that they may have gotten robbed because there were a lot of cops and they had the parking lot shut off.  I’d noticed a lot of cops in the parking lot was I was on the treadmill but I didn’t realize that it was like that until I was leaving.  Fortunately the Rite Aid is at the other end of the parking lot and I was able to leave no problem but man howdy, there were a lot of cops there.  I’m pretty sure it was all of the local PD and a few state cops also.  I really need a police scanner.

09-03-14 Sub 30 5k

Since my time for working out yesterday was under a serious time restriction, I somehow managed to pull out a sub-30 5k.  I’m pretty sure I was jumping up and down.

Dreams do come true

What dreams have you been pursuing? – Sub-30 5k

Have any of your dreams come true lately? – Yep!  Sub-30 5k!

What’s your next dream?  – I don’t know, I never really thought I might be able to do this one.  But I guess it would be getting back to road running and completing a sub-30 5k on the road.