Easy Run? I think not…

Not too shabby for a windy day.

Last nights schedule was an easy 45 minute run but when the wind is blowing in the Sacramento Valley, there is no such thing as an easy run.  The was blowing pretty steady and then it would gust and then blow steady again.  It seemed like no matter which way I turned the wind was in my face trying to slow me down.  But the joke is on the wind, I run faster when it’s windy!

Scheduled:  45 minute easy run

Time:  45:03
Miles:  4.53
Average Pace: 9.57

Lap 1:  10:22
Lap 2:  10:19
Lap 3:  10:03
Lap 4:  9:34
Lap 5:  4.:46

The run was good, I felt good but the best part…

Shorts & Tank Top!!!!
              Shorts & Tank Top!!!!

I wore shorts & a tank top for the first time this year!  Sorry for the bad selfie but I suck at them.  I still haven’t figured out how teenagers do it.  But still shorts!  And a tank top!!!  I wore black pants and 3/4 sleeve shirt to work yesterday and wanted to die it was sooooo hot.  I couldn’t wait to get home and change into something much cooler.  I’ve had this tank top for 2 years and haven’t worn it.  I never wear tank tops becuase I hate my arms…well hated my arms.  Since I’ve been going to crossfit they look so much nicer, toned.

If you’re in to Athleta or Oakley, Zulily has a great sale going on.  I picked up some Athleta shorts and capris at a good discount.

What are your favorite brands of workout gear?


5 thoughts on “Easy Run? I think not…

  1. Good job! I decided I wanted to start running regularly and one day build up to a half marathon, so far the farthest I’ve been able to go was 2 miles haha but reading inspiration from people like you help me to convince myself to keep at it.

    1. It’s totally do able for you to run a half. I started out using Couch to 5k and then Couch to 10k and finally a Half Marathon Plan from Runners World. All you have to do is run a little further on every run and before you know it, you’ll be running that Half!

      Good luck!

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