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Bonk, Bonk, Bonk…A Race Recap

Running of the Elks - After

Funny that is picture was what Runner’s World choose for Monday inspiration today.  I hit a major bump in the road with Running of the Elks on Sunday.  My stupidity is still stinging today.  But let’s start with Friday…

Running of the Elks - Bib

Friday after work, I hustled up to Elk Grove to pick up my Running of the Elk race packet.  Pick up was very organized and I breezed in and out in about 5 minutes.  I was hoping that since my last bib number ended in 93 and this bib ended in 93 that I was going to have an awesome race and PR again.

Running of the Elks - Start 1

Saturday morning I got up at 5 and my tummy was…off.  I had to force some food into myself, shower, dress and drive the 15 minutes to the race start.  I got there early enough that I was able to part pretty close.

Running of the Elks - Start 3

The race had a really nice turn out and I chatted up a very sweet couple from Marin that were working on doing 50 halves in 50 states.  Impressive.  I’ve never raced out-of-state before.

Running of the Elks - 2:15

I found my pace group leader and got ready for the start.  But by the time the race started and I reached mile 1, I already knew that I was in trouble.  I had no energy at all despite the fact that I had Gu’ed 15 minutes before the start.  Usually when I Gu, it’s like putting race fuel in pinto.  I’m ready to run.  But this time, it was like water in the gas tank.

I can tell you that I made very bad nutrition choices on Saturday and I paid for them during and after the race.  I had no energy and felt generally lousy.  I deviated from my normal Saturday routine.  Normally, I get up at 6, eat toast with peanut butter and run 4 miles.  I have a snack after then normal lunch and good dinner with lots of carbs before a race.  But this Saturday I did none of that and ate junk food all day.  Note to self; you should already know this but when you eat like crap you feel like crap.  Duh.

Running of the Elks

I officially retired my Saucony Ride 6’s after Modesto.  They had close to 400 miles on them at that point and I felt every one of them during Modesto.  Since I’d been doing my long runs in my Mizuno Wave Syonara’s, I stuck with them for this race instead of my Brooks.

Running of the Elks Results


My finish was more than 15 minutes off of my desired finish but I did finish.  I was completely wiped out.  I got my medal and hobbled back to my car, drove home and took a nap.  I didn’t stay to enjoy the post race festivities.  I didn’t eat anything.  I just went home.  I felt like walking to my car was too much for me.

Lessons learned:

*Don’t mess with your fuel.  Eat what you normally eat, don’t go off the reservation and eat a bunch of junk food if that’s not what you normally eat during training.

*Stick to your plan, if you normally run a four mile the day before your long run, do that on race weekend too.

*Try to keep your head in the game.  Don’t have a serious conversation with your mom about heavy stuff while you’re waiting for the race to start.  That shit will mess with your head.

*Stay positive.


What was your worst race ever run?

What are your lessons did you learn from it?

And Then the Weather Changes…

After a couple of weeks of perfect weather California decided to throw a curve ball.  It’s overcast,  the wind is blowing and rain is threatening.   We even had tornadoes earlier in the week.

Crazy Ca Weather

I can deal with the crazy weather.  Unless there is lightening,  I still get out and run.  This morning was no exception.


I have a 9 mile long run scheduled for tomorrow and last night was a little crazy in terms of when I was finally able to eat dinner.  Dinner was at 8:30 and it wasn’t real food.  So my fueling was off for today’s run.  But I needed todays run so I went out slow and just the legs decide how fast to go.  It was a much slower run then I’ve had in a while but it felt good.


My new Brooks Pure Cadence 2 arrived last night so I took them out for a test drive on my run this morning.   When I first put them on I was nervous because I felt like they were going to slip in the heels but they didn’t slip at all on my run.  The first half mile I had a bit of arch pain in my right foot but thats not at all abnormal for me.  I’m super tempted to wear them for my long run tomorrow but I dont want to anger the running gods.

Overall it was two thumbs up for the new shoes and Maggie gave them the dachshund seal of approval too.

How do break in your new running shoes?

What kind of weather keeps you from running?

Race Packet Pick Up Day…


Race packet pick up day is my favorite day.  I love getting my bib and my shirt and any other goodies the race is offering.  It’s so exciting, the prospect of it all.  I spend the day wondering how I’m going to run, how big is the field, is it going to be too hot, too cold…all the things that could go wrong (but likely won’t) like parking, being late, will I have to use the porta potty (yes).  So many possibilities.

I’ve done the prep work for this race.  I’m prepared.  It’s only a 7k, not a half.  I got this.  My best 7k at home was done in 42 minutes and some change.  I’m under no delusion that I will finish this race in that time just because of things like getting stuck behind slower runners who like to run 3 a breast on a narrow trail or people who like to suddenly walk right in front of you.  But I know that I will do fine.  I’m aiming to keep about a 10:30 pace and not go out like a crazed dog.  Since this is my first race in two years, I just want it to be a fun one, an enjoyable one.

9199_Capital City_10 Mile_Approval

A while back I signed up for the NorCal Tour de FIT series.  It’s a series of races designed to help people keep active.  I agreed to sign up and run three races between February and July 2014.  I had already signed up for The Lucky Race and Running of the Elks and I need one more race.  I had two to choose from two as part of the series, one at the end of April (two weeks after Running of the Elks) and one in the middle of July.  I don’t like to race that far into summer so I signed up for the Capital City Classic at the end of April.  The race offers a 5k, a 10k & a 10 miler.  I signed up for the 10 mile race.  I thought it would be a great way to keep my mileage up after Running of the Elks half marathon.

For right now my race schedule looks like this:

03/08 – Lucky Run 7K

04/06 – Running of the Elks Half Marathon

04/27 – Capital City Classic 10 Miler

I’m hoping to add something in May too but right now I haven’t found anything that fits my schedule that isn’t crazy far away.  Or right when Hubby and I are going to have a get away to the Central Coast.  I’d like to add an additional Half some time this year but it might have to wait until later in the year, say a fall race to early winter.


On a side note not related to racing/running…I got my first gel manicure last night.  I loved it.  So cool that it was dry before I left the salon and I didn’t have to worry about messing it up.  I also got a pedicure so that my toes look nice for the open toed heels I’m wearing for the fund-raiser tomorrow night.  Hopefully I don’t mess it up between now and the party.

Also on a non-racing side note but related to Running, if you like Brooks shoes and running clothes, Zulily has a great deal on right now.  I picked up a pair Tile Blue & Lime Punch Pure Cadence 2 Running Shoes, two tank tops, a long sleeve shirt & a pair of Capris pretty cheap this morning.

120134_763_a_ZMI’ve been wanting to try Brooks for a while but was having trouble locally finding them in my weird shoe size.  So getting a deal on them is awesome.

Are you racing this weekend?

What are your favorite brands of running shoes/gear?