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And I Dreamed I was Running…

I dreamed I was running last night.

In my dreams

And it was one of those runs where it’s effortless.  And you’re smiling.  And you feel AMAZING!  Like this woman.  She’s running, she’s having a good time.  I look like the lady in blue to the right, a little jealous.  I was so happy when I first woke this morning after my dream and then it crashed home that I haven’t run a step in more than a month and I was sad again.

So what have I been doing…not running my half that I registered for on May 18th, Avenue of the Vines.  I did pick up my packet and at least get my shirt but I did the smart thing and didn’t run.  I wish I could but physically my leg isn’t up to it.  I am walking without a limp most days unless I’m really tired.  I have ridden my bike around the block…once.  But other than walking a bit, I’ve had no exercise and am missing running dearly.

I’ve stayed away from reading running blogs because it makes me sad.  I haven’t read my copy of Runners World.  And I just folded the load of running clothes that I washed right before the Capital City Classic where I pulled my groin.  I’m embarrassed to admit that I haven’t even washed the clothes I ran Capital City Classic in.  Gross.  I should do that.

Mentally, I’m so ready to run.  But physically, I’m not there yet.  My leg is still painful  but ever day is better.  I’m hopeful that when the sixth week rolls around, I will be ready to at least give it a go.  I miss running.

What do you do when you’re injured?

Any other hobbies to keep you busy?

I’m Not Dead…

I’m still alive and still not running. After several doctors appointments and physical therapy, I pulled my groin muscle at Capital City Classic almost a week and a half ago. I took all of last week off from work but am back & slaving away like a good public servant.

Sleepy, Sleepy

I spent last week lounging in my jammies, drinking coffee and cuddling doggies…becuase I couldn’t do anything else!  Ugh!  Injuries suck.  My left leg was so painful that even sleeping was painful.  Sneezing was pretty much out of the question.  Did you know that when you sneeze, pretty much all your muscles contract including pulled ones?  Ouch.

Galloway Pullover

In addition to drinking coffee and cuddling doggies, I also worked on my Galloway Pullover.  Little known fact…I like to knit.  I go to sleep at 9pm and knit.  It’s official, I’m a little old lady.  Plus for the last week, I’ve smelled like one too.  Tiger Balm is my friend except that the dogs hate the smell and refuse to sit with me.  I guess you can’t have it all.  In the week I was off work, I knit the whole body of the sweater and 80% of one sleeve.  It’s not that I’m a fast knitter, it’s just that there was nothing else I could really do.  I unloaded the dishwasher once and it took 30 minutes.  And did you know that there is nothing on TV during the day?!  True story, bro.  Ugh.  Thank god for Netflix and BBC mini series.

I went back to work yesterday.  I’m up and hobbling around but I cannot, cannot do stairs.  Too painful.  After work yesterday I was so exhausted, I slept for 2 hours in the living room chair.  The hours from 6pm until 8pm did not exist.  I was out cold.  It’s really hard when your whole body is trying to compensate for an injury.

The sports medicine doc said that I could be out up to 6 weeks.  And that means no Avenue of the Vines Half on the 18th.  I haven’t run at all but I am starting to have a lot less pain.  I miss running so much and of course this months Runners World showed up last week.  I haven’t even looked at it yet.  Reading it would be like showing drugs to an addict.  And that’s just mean.  Not to mention that I got an e-mail that my Stride Box is on its way.  Booo.  Pure torture.

Right now I’m choosing to leave everything up in the air regarding running.  I’m not saying I won’t run Avenue of the Vine.  I’m not saying I will.  I’m not saying I won’t try for a few 1 mile runs between now and whenever.  I’m just going to go on how I feel.  Today I feel much better than I did yesterday and walking is becoming much easier.  Time will pass no matter what I do, so staying positive is key.

Bustie & Me

And it never hurts to cuddle a cute dachshund!