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Weekly Recap June 29 – July 5th

Weekly Running Report 06-29 - 07-05-15 1

It’s Monday so that must mean it’s time to recap last weeks running.  Normally I don’t run back to back days…at least not since the stress fracture from earlier this year.  I’ve being doing my best to keep my miles low and just work on speed.  But since I knew that I wasn’t going to be able to run last weekend due circumstances out of my control, I ran ever day last week.  First time in a while  since I’ve had mileage this high.  I won’t lie, it felt good to run every day even though I had to get up every morning at 3:45 to get those runs in.  Heatwaves can’t stop me, I’ve got running to do and I honestly needed those runs.  It was a very stressful week that lead up to an even stressful weekend.  But sometimes you have to do what you can and just try to make it though.

Weekly Running Report 06-29 - 07-05-15 2

Due to the heat wave, I cut Monday and Wednesday’s run short.  It was so hot, even at 4am to keep running.  But this mornings run was blissfully cool.  I even ran an extra mile just for the joy of it.

Half marathon training for the Folsom Blues Breakout starts on the 23rd.  I’m nervous about it.  The longest run I’ve had since I started running again this year has been 6.2 miles.  And every one of those miles was tough.  I wish I had a preview of the training schedule so that I’d know what I’m getting into.  I’m guessing that the first long run will be 7 miles.  But I don’t really know for sure.  I’m feeling really nervous about it.  I’m sure once it starts I’ll be fine.  I’ve run several halves before so none of this is new to me.  But I’m a planner so not knowing what’s coming up is a little difficult for me.

How was your week?

Weekly Run Report June 8 – June 14, 2015

I woke up twice last night with such an intense headache that at one point I thought I might have been shot.  But when my alarm when off this morning for my run at 3:45 I felt fine.  I did briefly contemplate just staying in bed but I figured that I’m awake so I may as well just get up.  And I’m glad that I did.  I had a great run this morning.  I love those mornings where it’s cool out and the run seems easy.  It was a great start to my Monday.

Of course by the time I got to work, I was wishing that I was still in bed.  Thank goodness I have a coffee pot in my office.


Weekly Run Report for the week of June 8 – 14, 2015

Weekly Running Report 06-08 - 06-14-2015 1

Considering that I only ran 3 days last week, I’m pretty happy with my mileage.

Weekly Running Report 06-08 - 06-14-2015 2

Tuesday was easy run but Thursday was supposed to be 3.5 at my 5k pace but it really didn’t quite happen that way.  Since I’m switching to morning running and it’s dark out, I’m having trouble pacing myself.  9:39 average pace isn’t bad but I’d like to try to drag my average pace for 5k down to the low 9’s or high 8’s.

I’ve been considering changing my training schedule from every other day to running on Tuesdays and Thursdays in the morning before work to and on Saturday and Sunday.   I just find it really difficult to pace myself when it’s dark.    I don’t know what I’m going to do but I think I’m just going to stick with the training schedule I have for right now and maybe adjust it next week after my next race.

Have you ever changed your training schedule mid-cycle?

Weekly Recap, May 25 – 31

Monday, again?!  I’m so confused as to what day of the week it is still.  Having two extra days off last week really through me for a loop.  I actually spent most of Saturday watching movies and napping.  And I still don’t feel quite like I’m back up to speed.  But no time like the present for getting on track.

Weekly Recap - May 25 - 31 1

I only ran 3 times last week per my training schedule that I set up for myself.  I postponed my long run from Saturday to Sunday because I just didn’t have the motivation to get myself dressed and ready to run.  No regrets about it either.

Weekly Recap - May 25 - 31 2

Sunday’s long run was really tough.  Apparently having a crunch wrap supreme from Taco Bell on Saturday for dinner is not enough fuel to power a long run.  I only scheduled a 5 mile run but ended up running 5.5.  I was so far from home I still had to walk almost a full mile after I stopped running but I was just done at that point.  Note to self for next week:  Eat better, do better.

May Personal Record

I did set a new PR for myself last month.  I set a new 5k PR.  It’s not official since I didn’t set it during a race but it’s a good start.

May Goal Achieved

I also met my goal for 50 miles in the month of May.  It’s not much compared to what I was running back in October but the goal is to build slowly so I don’t injure myself.  I’m trying to stick to the “only increase by 10%” rule.  Goal for next month is 55 miles.

Do you set monthly mileage goals?

How was your training week?

Weekly Running Recap, May 18 – 24

Weekly Recap - May 18 - 24 1

It’s weekly running report time!  Last week was my most productive running week so far this year.  Almost 20 miles baby!  And it didn’t hurt a bit.

Weekly Recap - May 18 - 24 2


Ran in Elk Grove.  I had to take Maggie to the groomers to get a summer cut and while she was being pampered I ran the trail system from behind the groomers down to the new pedestrian over crossing and did 6 sets of hill repeats.  I wanted to do 10 but since I had to run about a mile and a half back to the groomers I thought it would be smart to not kill myself.  I’m looking forward to doing this workout again.


I was supposed to run on Wednesday but the winds were really blowing so I postponed to Thursday morning.  I’m super glad I did.  Set a new PR for myself in the 5k.  I also learned that I don’t really enjoy running in the dark anymore.  I’m such a chicken.


Postponed Friday’s run to Saturday.  I did the math and realized that I wasn’t going to have enough miles to reach my goal of 50 miles for the month of May so I doubled the mileage to 4 miles.  It was a bit of a slog to get it done but I’m super happy with the pace.  I like that Sub-10’s are starting to feel easy.

I also got a reminder of running safety on Saturday morning.  I’m sure it was just my suspicious nature running in over drive but I had a guy drive past me twice in a couple of blocks on Saturday morning.  It wouldn’t have been weird but I had turned off the main road on to a side road when he came back by going in basically the same direction he was originally going in so he must have circled back to get a second look and he waved at me.  I did not know this guy and had never seen his truck before.  And then he passed me again on a different road about a quarter of a mile later.  It really made me nervous.  I had my phone out ready to call 911 or my husband to come get me.  It was really uncomfortable.  Thankfully nothing happened and I didn’t see him again after that but being safe and staying safe is something had we can forget about when we run our regular routes.  I have a Road ID that I wear and I use the Road ID app when I run.  The ID is great in case I can’t speak for myself.  But the app is awesome because it allows my family to check on my run in real-time and sends an alert if I stop moving.  If you’re not using at least one of these, please consider it.  *I’m not a paid spokesperson and this opinion is my and mine alone.  I was not compensated in any way by Road ID.


Long run day.  Scheduled 5 but ran 6.  I’m really shooting for a 50 mile month and this put it within my reach.

A full week of runs all with the average pace of less than a 10 minute mile.  I’m loving this!  And I’m working my butt off for it too.  I took a nap everyday over the weekend and actually took 2 on Saturday.  But I’m also feeling the effects of not being on point with my diet last week too.  I did great every day while I was at work but after work it fell apart every day.  Not sure why I’m struggling so much after several months of having no problem but I suspect that the problem is not meal planning or food prepping so I can grab something when I’m ready to eat.  With the holiday and having to take an extra day off this week to help Hubby after a medical procedure, I have a feeling that I’m not going to be doing great this week either.  But I’m going to do my best to make good choices and when I don’t or can’t, I’m going to start again and keep trying.

Zion 2016

Zion Accptance

But in other awesome news!  I’m in for Zion 2016!  I’m sooooooo excited about this race.  It’s still 10 months away but I can’t wait.  This will be Hubby and I’s vacation next year.  We’re planning to spend a week in Zion following the race with a possible 2nd week in Moab.  I’ve been to Utah before but not in years and the last time I was there I was there for work and didn’t get to do any sight-seeing at all.  Plus I love to Travel with Hubby.  He’s so fun and up for whatever I throw at him.  I really want to try for the trifecta after the race but will wait to see how I’m do after the race.

I’m considering picking up a couple of Pace Bands to help me reach my goal this year to set a new Half Marathon PR.  My PR from last year is 2:18:59.  I’d like to break 2:15 or at least set a new PR.  I’m only running one half marathon this year so I only have one chance to make this happen.  Pace Bands come in a bunch of different paces for 5k, 10k, Half and Full Marathons and since I seem to spend a lot of time trying to calculate where I’m at and fail miserably, I thought this might be a good way to keep an eye on it without having to do math…which I suck at when running and trying to do it in my head.

I’m thinking I might pick up the Half 2:15 and Half 2:12:30 in case I beat the 2:15 at Folsom this fall and am looking to PR in Zion.  A PR in Zion would be awesome but since the race is entirely uphill, I’m not holding my breath.   The gain looks impressive in the elevation map but it’s really like 2 feet of gain for every 100 yards which is why I’m trying to incorporate more hill work into my training now.  And eventually some training at elevation because I currently live at like 47 feet above see level and the Zion starts at 3484 feet and ends at 3886 feet above sea level.  Fingers crossed for some training runs in Tahoe!  Plus Tahoe!  Yeah!

Have you ever used a Pace Band?

Have you ever trained at an elevation you’re not used to?

Weekly Running Recap – May 11 – 17, 2015

Weekly Recap - May 11 - 17

I’ve been trying my best to stick with an every other day running schedule but the last couple of weeks have been a bit difficult as life seems to like to get in the way.  Two weeks ago I had to postpone my Saturday run to Sunday and last week I had to postpone my Thursday run to Friday.  California weather had been very strange this year; no rain, wind, cold temps, hot temps…crazy.  Thursday we were supposed to get rain but it never materialized and instead we got winds.  Winds don’t normally bother me but I opted to postpone my run one day for hopefully less windy conditions.  But this is the California Delta and it’s windy every day, so Friday’s run was windy anyway.

Weekly Recap - May 11 - 17 2

Here’s the break down on Runs:

Tuesday:  3 miles, some wind, awesome pace.  It was supposed to be a slow run day; around a 10 minute pace.  I just went out comfortable and finished with an average 9:10 pace which is in my new race pace area.

Friday:  2.5 miles, windy.  This run was supposed to be at race pace and I finished with an average 9:11 pace.  Not bad but I really was hoping for a closer to 9 flat pace.  The head wind I had for most of the first mile and a good portion of the 2nd mile was just brutal and I’m sure helped to slow me down.  But I put a good amount of effort into it so I’m happy with it.

Saturday:  4 miles, no wind, cool conditions.  I actually struggled a lot with this run.  I’ve been focusing on building speed and I’ve let my long runs trail off to nothing really.  I spent part of last week working on building my training schedule from now until the end of July when I start my half marathon training.

My next race is still a ways away, June 7th.  I decided to add a second 5k to my race calendar for June.  I want to race monthly but since I missed January and February due to the stress fractures, I’m going to have to add a couple of additional races to make 12 races this year.  But I’m still focusing on speed and short distances.

Women's Festival Race Shirt
It’s been two and a half weeks since my last race, the Fair Oaks Sun Run and it’ll be two and a half more until my next one and I’m looking forward to it.

Weekly Run Report – April 20 – 26, 2015

One of the many things I love so much about using Smashrun.com is statistics.  I love the numbers.  At the end of each week they send you a weekly running report with interesting information about your running week.  The best part is all I have to do is go on their site and click the sync button and it syncs with my Garmin account so I don’t have to do anything for all the statistical data.  Cough*run nerd*cough.  It’s true.  I’m a run nerd.  Give me all the data and in at least two forms, thank you!

Weekly Recap - April 20 - 26 1

Smash Run tells me what days I ran, how many more miles I ran this week over last week, how many miles I ran and my fastest average pace.  Love that green + for percentage additional ran over last week.  When it’s red, I’m not very happy with myself.  But some times it’s red and I have to just deal with it.  And hopefully learn from it.

Weekly Recap - April 20 - 26 2

Total time spent running:  3 hours.  Might seem like a lot but it didn’t feel like it.  I ran on four different days to accumulate that 3 hours and it was only 13% of a day.  It’s nothing but it means so much to my general well-being and over all health.  Total calories burned doesn’t mean much to me.  I don’t run for the calorie burn but I do love to see what the food equivalent of those calories could have been even if it’s stuff that I wouldn’t normally eat anyway.

Weekly Recap - April 20 - 26

This one is my favorite.  I love seeing those runs with their average pace.  You can tell on Saturday I went to running group and since I was the only one actually running, I got paced by the coach.  9:50 average!  Get it, girl!  But in defense of those 10+ minute mines, it was very windy last week.

I’ve been avoiding running in the wind because I hate it and it’s hard  but I’m realizing that I need to embrace the suck.  The wind might slow me down but it will make me stronger.  And I live in the delta where the wind blows a lot.  The motto for this year is Injury Free in 2015 and Embrace the Suck!

In other running news, I ran my first virtual 10k.  And my second 10k ever.  I totally Embraced the Suck for this one.  I got up on Sunday morning, had some breakfast and went out for my run.  I’m trying not to do a lot of back to back running this year to hopefully avoid any injuries.  But I didn’t want to miss running group on Saturday, so I ran back to back on Saturday and Sunday to get my virtual 10k in.

The 10k was tough.  While the wind wasn’t very light for the first half, it picked up for the second half and in my infinite wisdom I chose a route that didn’t have a lot of shade.  The sun can really sap my strength.  But I finished in 1:04:33 which is about 4 minutes slower than my first every (and only) 10k 4 years ago where I finished in 1:00:52.  But in my defense that one was run at optimal temperatures with some rain tossed in to keep it cool.  The colder it is, the fast I go.  It’s all about personal preservation people!

Log Off and Run 10k

This was my first ever virtual race.  If you’ve never done one, what it basically is is all the swag from a regular race; t-shirt, bib and this case medal, but you run it on your schedule within the dates provided by the race organizer.  The meal was pretty cool.  Plus it was fun knowing that I was running with about 1000 other people from the world over.  Check out the instagram hashtag #logoffrace for a lot of cool race pictures.

Have you ever ran a virtual race?

Do you every have to remind yourself to embrace the suck?

What I Did Instead of Running…

Since I’m not running anywhere near the mileage that I have been in a bid to rest and recharge my batteries I decided to run over to Concord to the closest Road Runner Sports on Saturday.

Road Runner Sports - Concord

It was my first time hitting their store.  Concord is about an hour and 15 minutes from the house and a bit of a slechp since you have to drive out through the delta to get there.  The delta roads are narrow and rough but the views of the Sacramento River delta are totally worth it.

Wave Rider 18's

I picked up a pair of Mizuno Wave Rider 18’s on massive sale from Road Runner Sports on-line the weekend after Thanksgiving but when they arrived I discovered that one of the shoes had the wrong size insole in it and there was a gap between the end of the insole and the toe of the shoe.  My toes don’t really rest there but I could tell that it would drive me crazy and I would end up trying to grip the insole with my toes while running.   So back they went.

In addition to the insole issue, the Wave Rider’s were also way too wide for my foot.  I admit that my feet are narrowish but I was slopping around inside the shoe and it would have been blister city.  I tried the Wave Riders in a smaller size thinking that it might be the fix but they were too short and I could see the potential for black toe nails.  I don’t like black nails unless it’s nail polish.

So instead I exchanged the Wave Riders for Brooks Glycerin 12.  I was a bit disappointed since everyone has been raving about the Wave Riders but I want the right fit not what everyone else is doing.

Brooks Glycerin 12

I would have loved to have the Blue to Pink Omber ones but they didn’t have them in my size so I got the blue ones instead.  If these work out for me I might have to order a second pair in the Omber because they were super cute.  I mean after all I might be the girl who spends more time in running clothes than real clothes but I’m still a girl and girls like cute shoes! (Ignore the sterotype, please)

I wanted to go hog-wild in Road Runner Sports and buy out the store but since it’s close to Christmas I tried to show restraint.  I basically grabbed my new shoes and ran out the door to avoid spending any additional money.  But they did have a ton of really cute running clothes and different fuels.  I could have broken the bank in there.

Starbucks - Holiday Cup

So after the running store, I was headed back to Sacramento when I realized that I would have to pay toll to cross the bridge on 160 from Antioch back toward Rio Vista.  It escaped my mind that the Bay Area will let you in for free but if you want to get out you have to pay.  So I popped into the closest Starbucks for an Americano and some cash back.  This chick never has cash, so I decided to sacrifice (yeah right) and get coffee.  When I changed jobs last year, I gave up having coffee out because I wasn’t commuting anymore.  We don’t even have a Starbucks in my town (but if they’re reading this, I know the perfect spot where they’d get ton’s of business) so getting coffee out is a real treat now.


This bridge is really high but you get some amazing views as you drive over but $5 to get out-of-town is crazy!  It’s highway robbery, no pun intended.  I was so glad to get out of the Bay Area though.  The roads were so jam-packed even on a Saturday.  I was glad to return to my sleepy little town.

What I did Instead

Since I’m not really running, I spent most of my weekend knitting socks and watching sports (Alabama is in the College Play Offs!!) and movies.  I watched Looper with Bruce Willis and Joseph Gordon Levit, if you haven’t seen this movie you should.  I really enjoyed it.  Joseph Gordon Levit does not look like himself in this movie at all.  I had to google it to see if it really was him.  Emily Blunt is all good in this movie.  I love her in general.

Here’s the weekly recap for last week.

Weekly Recap - 12-1 - 12-7

I hope you didn’t hit your head when you fainted at the low mileage.  That’s right folks, 7.25 miles.  I ran 3 days.  I haven’t run that few days since I started running years ago.  But I’m cool with it.  The shins aren’t going to get any better if I don’t let them heal.  It’s hard but I’m doing what’s best for my body.

I have no specific plans for this week other than to run a few low mileage runs to keep everything ticking a long.  December is now the month of rest.  I’m just doing what I want.  We have storms that are predicted to be pretty bad (for California) coming in later this week and if they’re windy like the last one was, I won’t be running on those days.  Since I’m not in training for anything specific, I’m not going to kill myself to run in bad conditions.  It just makes sense.

Happy Monday!

I Broke It…

I broke it.  After something like 56 days of daily running, I broke my streak yesterday.  My half is coming up this Saturday and my shin splints are making life really difficult.  I’m in pain every day from it and I decided that it was time to break the streak and actually rest my legs.

On one hand I’m really bummed about breaking the streak because I’d put a lot of work into.  On the other I’m trying to think long-term and do what’s best for my body.  At this point, I’m feeling like my half might not even happen…But to be honest about it, I’m burned out on running.  I don’t feel like running anymore.  I spent most of my weekend lying around and watching TV, which is something that I don’t do a whole lot.

Generally on Saturday morning, I’m happy to get up and do my long run.  I love that time I get to spend with no distractions (even on the tough days) and the feeling after I finish is heaven.  But this Saturday, I didn’t want to run and only dragged myself out of the family around at about 6pm to run a single mile.

Sunday was basically the same thing.  My shins were hurting and I’m limping even just walking around the house.  So I finally decided to talk to my husband about it, he provides good prospective on stuff like this even though he’s not a runner.  He asked me the question that I’ve been trying not to focus on, is my half going to happen?  At this point I don’t know.  I’m going to do my best to rest, ice, compress and elevate all week but honestly…I just don’t know.

I’m really hoping that I can just wait this out and by Saturday I’ll be fine.  If not, I’m going to call it and pick up my race packet.  I wish they offered deferment but since that’s not the case, at lease I can get my very expensive t-shirt.  But I really want to add a 3rd Half medal to my collection for this year.  I’ve worked so hard to come back from my groin pull (which has been fine) and I need this for my brain.  But for now, I’m going to leave it up in the air.  It will be what it will be.

Weekly recap for 11/10 – 11/16/2014

Weekly Recap - 11-10 - 11-16

Total miles run:  21.2

Percentage from last week: -28.1%

Have you ever been sidelined from a race due to injury?  If I don’t run this race this will be my second race this year where I was sidelined from a race.  The first was a Half Marathon in Lodi in May.  Plus a couple of years ago I was sidelined from a half when I tripped over my dog two weeks prior to the Parkway Half in April 2012, sprained my ankle and then didn’t run again until February of 2014 due to extreme laziness.

I’m a horrible sick person…

It’s true. I’m a horrible sick person. I whine, I cry, I act like my little head cold is Ebola. I’m a sissy, a wussy. I cry more than a person who’s been hospitalized.

Sick in Bed

I also won’t stay in bed, stay home from work or not run.  I’m a doctors worst nightmare.

Last Thursday I was feeling a little off and chalked it up to draining sinuses.  But as it turned out I was at the beginning edge of a full-blown head cold.  I was going to call in sick to work on Friday but it was graduation day for the latest set of cadets and being that I issue the badges, I had to be there.  As soon as it was done I went home…and ran.  I couldn’t help it, I’m streaking and I didn’t want to let the streak go.  So I did a quick mile and went home, showered and was in my jammies by 12:15.

I ran Saturday and Sunday too.  But again, it was shower and then in to jammies.  I mostly slept both days which is a nice change.  I haven’t been getting enough sleep over the last couple of weeks  which I’m sure contributed to me getting sick.  Not to mention running at 4am in 45 degree weather (in shorts).  I was supposed to run 12 miles on Saturday per my training schedule but I decided that in the long run it wasn’t a good idea.  So I ran two miles and called it good.  Trying to look at the big picture…

So here it is Wednesday and I’m still sick.  I’m getting a little bit better everyday but still not feeling myself.  I’m drinking gallons of tea while I’m at work and eating as best I can.  But I’m pretty sure my main food groups are yogurt and cough drops.  But even with all the tea, I can tell I’m dehydrated.  My lips are so dry and rough, I wouldn’t want to kiss me…and my hubby won’t.  He’s either afraid I’m going to give him Ebola or he’s thinking of divorce.  Either way, I can’t blame him.  I’m still pretty gross at this point.  I keep making that gross noise where you try to clear out your sinuses…not attractive.

I can’t wait to feel better.  I was scheduled to run 12 miles last weekend and I have a 13 mile run on the schedule for this weekend.  At this point, I’m not sure if either of those runs are going to happen.  My next half is two and a half weeks away.  I know that even if I don’t get a 12 or a 13 mile run under my belt, that I will still be able to complete the half.  But I will feel a lot better about it if I can get at least one more long run under my belt.  My goal for the next half is to beat my old PR that  I got at the Modesto Half Marathon back in March.  I just need to have an average mile time of less than 10:30/mile.  Most of my long runs have been averaging under that time during this training cycle, so I’m feeling confident about it.  I just have to get rid of this cold.

Weekly Recap for 10/27 – 11/2/14

Oct - Nov Miles

My longest run was a 5k last week but at least most of my short runs had average paces under 10.

On top of being sick last week the time changed.  We also had a “cold” spell here which means that I’ve been able to change my morning runs to evening runs.  But it also means that I’m still running in the dark.  I do not like running in the dark.  It makes a mile feel so much longer to me some times.  My goal for today is to get out by 4pm to run.   Fingers crossed.

By the Numbers…

I love statistic.  Numbers say a lot to me and as such I love SmashRun.com  If you haven’t checked it out, you should.  It’s free and it gives you lots of stats from your run and you can sync your Garmin account to it so you don’t even have to manually enter anything.  Love it.

October Miles

I know that October is not quite over with 2 more days to go but I’m loving my status for the month.  I’ve been #Streakingwiththecoolkids and Pink Cupcake Girl.  If you haven’t checked out her blog, you totally should.  The girl is hard-core and totally fun.

With 2 more days to go, I figure I’ll be somewhere about 123 miles for the month.  Long runs are done so it’s just a two miler and a 3 miler left.  It’s been tough a few times to get myself out of bed to get all these miles but I feel super awesome knowing that I’ve run every single day and every single mile was mile.  It’s an amazing feeling.

My last long run for the month of October was last Saturday.  The forecast was calling for rain so I got up and out earlier than normal to try to get my 11 miles in.  Thankfully the rain held off and I had 11 amazing miles.

10-25 Long Run 110-25 Long RunThe Run was pretty good until I looked down and realized that my foot had landed right next to a snake.  It was dead having been run over by at least a few cars but that didn’t stop me from doing a crazy jitter bug move down the middle of the road trying to get away from it.  Snakes are not my friends.  The horror!  My skin crawls thinking about it.  I’m such a sissy sometimes.

Weekly Recap for October 20 – 26:

Weekly Recap - 10-20 - 10-26

Miles Ran:  26.3 (down 10.7% from last week)
Total Duration:  4:28:46
Fastest Average Mile:  9:27 (Treadmill) & 9:55 (street)

Shin Splints:

They are getting better and I’ve pulled my distances back trying to give them time to heal while not taking any time off from running.  This week is much better than the previous week which I’m attributing to the fact that I’m staying out of the gym and off the treadmill.  I know it totally seems counter intuitive, but it seems to be working.

Other than the shin splints I’m feeling great.  I may have been bitten by the marathon bug.  I’m starting to think that maybe I should run a full marathon in 2015.  So I’m shopping training plans.  If I do, I’m thinking about running the Modesto Marathon which is at the end of March 2015.  I ran the half last year and PR’ed, so maybe there’s good juju for me there.

Do you have a marathon training plan you can recommend?

What’s the furthest distance you’ve run?  I’ve never run further than 13.1.  Anything past that scares me.