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Is it just me or did this week both fly by and drag hellishly slow?  It’s been a weird week at work with Monday off for Memorial Day and taking yesterday off to take Hubby to a doctor’s appointment.  I woke this morning not really sure if I had to work today or if I need to get up to do my long run.  Thankfully cool heads prevailed and I managed to both shower and get appropriately dressed for work.

5 Things I Love this week:

Lock Laces

Lock Laces.  I bought my older sister a pair of these a while back and have been jealous ever since.  My sister has MS and it affects her fine motor skills and makes it hard for her to do things like tie her shoes.  Ever since she got hers I’ve wanted some too for my running shoes.  I’m always tying them and they stuffing the laces underneath so the bow and ends don’t flop around.  I swear if I don’t tuck them I spent 95% of my run thinking my shoes are coming untied.  So annoying.  I ordered myself several pairs of these yesterday so I can stop struggling with regular laces.

pace bands

Pace Bands I was thinking about picking up one of these to help me reach my goal of 2:15 at my next half in October, so yesterday I dropped the hammer on them.  At only $8.99 each, I think it’s a pretty good deal.  I picked up 2:15 and 2:12:30 just in case.  I really want to PR this year and I’m hoping not spending time trying to calculate my finish time and focusing on running to that PR will help since I’ll have the splits at a glance.


FitBit I love my Fitbit.  On days that I don’t run, I tend to be a little lazy.  *cough understatement cough*   This little beauty helps me stay active on those days and helps me keep moving during my work days too.  Plus the challenges are fun too.  There’s nothing more satisfying then crushing your friends and coworkers!  And nothing more agonizing than being crushed by your friends and coworkers.

Annies Bunny Grahams

Annie’s Bunny Grahams.  Picked these little yummys up on a whim at Wal-Mart this week and oh my goodness are they good!  So sweet and yummy.  Perfect snack while I’m being lazy and watching endless hours of true crime TV.  These might become regulars on my shopping list.

California Cherries

California Cherries.  I’m addicted right now!  They’re in season here and they are amazing.  We’re leaving a bowl of them on the counter and we just grab a handful as we go by.  I love them but only when they’re in season locally.  At this point I’ve eaten so many of them that I’m pretty sure that I’m about 65% cherry.  Hubby is waiting for the Bing Cherries to come into season but we haven’t seen them yet.  I suspect that when we hit the farmers market this weekend we might find some.

What 5 things are you loving this week?

Friday 5 – Favorite Winter Activities

It’s Friday again (thank goodness) and if you’re having a week like I’m having you’re super glad it’s Friday.  The drama, the drama.  Work has been extra crazy this week.  I’ve been training a new girl and she’s awesome but it seems that the change-up in activity in my area has brought out the worst in some of my other coworkers.  Yikes.

Friday is Friday 5 link up time with Courtney at Eat Run Pray DC, Cynthia at You Signed Up for What and Mar at Mar on the Run.  If you’re not reading these blogs, you should be.  This weeks theme is Favorite Winter Activities.  My top 5 (in no particular order) are:

1.  Snow shoeing…The last few years due to the drought in California I haven’t had much of a chance to do any snow shoeing.  Fingers crossed for this year.

snow shoeing

2.  Snow wheeling…My sweetie is right in the middle of building a new Jeep just for this purpose (and some rock crawling in the summer).  I haven’t been able to go the last few years but I’m hoping this year we’ll have a chance if he finishes the Jeep in time.

Snow Wheeling

3.  Running…It’s California.  Even in winter our weather is pretty mild here and running is a year round sport.  If it’s windy I stay home but rain doesn’t bother me.  I figure I’m going to get sweaty anyway so I may as well run.


4.  Knitting…when the weather get’s too cold or too windy, I like to settle in with a couple of cute dogs on my lap, a cup of coffee and knit.  I don’t think it should come as a surprise to anyone that I’m an old lady.  I freely admit it.  I go to bed at 9pm and I like knitting.  Whatever.


5.  Football…I know it’s really more of a fall thing but with college play offs going on in the new year, I’m looking forward to it.  The rivalries have been intense this year and I can’t wait to see what’s going to happen at the bowl games.  *cough* GO Bama!

College Football Playoffs


What are your favorite winter activities?

Friday 5 – 5 Tips for Cold Weather Running

It’s Friday again (thank goodness it happens every week)!  And Friday means Friday Five Link up with Courtney at Eat Run Pray DC, Cynthia at You Signed Up for What and Mar at Mar on the Run for the weekly link-up. If you haven’t checked out these ladies blogs yet, you totally should. They are fun, feisty and not afraid to call it like they see it.

Cold Weather Running

I love winter running, of course I live in California in the central valley which means that our temps don’t drop that low and we don’t get snow at our extreme elevation of about 50 feet above sea level.  So winter running is fairly easy here.  The one thing in addition to rain (please God, let us get rain this year) that we get a lot of in the winter time is windy conditions.  Our average winter temps here are highs in the 50’s and low’s in the 40’s.  So they’re pretty mild compared to else where in the country.  And temps in the southern part of the state are much different then the temps here in the northern part.

So here’s my five tips for running during “cold” weather.

1.  Layers – even in california where our temps are pretty mild you need layers.  It might be 45 when you start out but if you’re not wearing the proper clothing you can put yourself at risk for injury if you don’t protect yourself from the cold temps.  It’s pretty rare for me to wear long leggings that go down to my ankles.  I prefer to wear capris during the winter time with a long sleeve shirt and a light jacket or even a short sleeve shirt and a jacket.  Gloves are a must for me.  If my hands are cold I can’t regulate my body temperature very well.  But after a couple of miles, my gloves will come off and the jacket will get unzipped or pulled off and tied around my waist.  Layers.  I want to have comfortable run, neither too hot or too cold.  Hats are helpful too for regulating that body tempature.

2.  Hydrate – even though it’s cold you still need to make sure that you’re drinking, especially during your long runs.  Each breath out is water out of your system, not to mention sweating.  Cold weather makes me not want to drink so I try to find a rhythm to it.  I try to take a sip of water every couple of miles and always drink when I eat or take Gu on a long run.  And don’t forget to drink your water before and after your runs too.  If it’s really cold out and I don’t feel like water, I’ll substitute cold or room temperature water for hot herbal tea.  Anything to get that water into my system.

3. Run into the wind – Winter here brings windy conditions.  I’m no meteorologist, but being close to the Sacramento River Delta, we get crazy wind in the winter time and boy can it be cold.  It feels like it’s going straight to your bones some days.  If you can, on your way out, run into the wind as much as possible.  For one, it’ll be at your back on your way home helping push you home and it will not be in your face when you’re at your sweatiest.  This will help prevent you from catching a chill on your way home.

4.  Visibility – With shorter days, chances are that at some point you’re going to find yourself running in the dark.  Wednesday, I got caught out without my reflective vest and while I didn’t have any close calls I felt like drivers just couldn’t see me while I was crossing the street and it wasn’t a good feeling.  Being seen can be the difference between being seen and being hit by a car.  There are a lot of different ways to be seen.  I like a reflective vest but there’s also flashing lights that attach to your clothing and shoes, knuckle lights, bright clothing and headlamps.

5.  Shower – After your run, if you’re feeling chilled, take a warm shower.  Get out of those sweaty clothes that are sapping your body heat and get into a warm shower.  Nothing makes me feel better than taking a nice warm shower after a cold run.  Slipping into cozy sweats or pajamas after a hard run makes me so happy.

Do you have any tips to make winter running more safe and enjoyable?

Friday Five!

It’s Friday again which means that it’s time for the Friday Five Link up with Courtney at Eat Run Pray DC, Cynthia at You Signed Up for What and Mar at Mar on the Run for the weekly link-up. If you haven’t checked out these ladies blogs yet, you totally should. They are fun, feisty and not afraid to call it like they see it.

This weeks theme:  5 ways to stay on track / healthy during the holidays

Norman Rockwell

1.  Pre-game a meal or party before I leave the house.  And by this I mean I don’t go hungry to a party or a meal away from my home.  I will have a sensible snack before leaving so I don’t hit the appetizers like a starving person.

2.  Water: drink it, live it, know it.  Drinking water keeps you feeling fuller so you aren’t as likely to over eat.

3. alcohol.  I avoid it.  It’s full of empty calories that I don’t need.  Plus I’d rather have 100 calories of my moms pumpkin pie than have a glass of wine for the same amount.  Or mashed potatoes.  Or turkey.  Or stuffing.  Pretty much anything else.

4.  Get your run on before you eat.  Run a turkey trot in your area or just run for fun.  Burn off those calories so you don’t have to sweat it while you’re enjoying your family dinner.

5.  Offer to help with the dishes or clear the table.  You’ll be moving around and you won’t be sitting at the table picking at whatever you left on your plate.

What are your ways of staying on track/health during the holidays?  Share your tips!

Who’s running a turkey trot day on Thanksgiving day?  Mine is the Saturday prior since I’m going to be out-of-town on the actual holiday.

Friday Five: Five Reasons to Run a Half Marathon

It’s Friday again which means that it’s time for the Friday Five Link up with Courtney at Eat Run Pray DC, Cynthia at You Signed Up for What and Mar at Mar on the Run for the weekly link-up. If you haven’t checked out these ladies blogs yet, you totally should. They are fun, feisty and not afraid to call it like they see it.

This weeks theme:  Five Reasons to Run a Half Marathon

Here's me setting a new PR at the Modesto Half Marathon in March 2014.
Here’s me setting a new PR at the Modesto Half Marathon in March 2014.  I look so happy to be done but in my defense I’d just PR’d by like 12 minutes. 

1.  Pride.  Saying you’re going to do it is a whole lot different from actually doing it.  A lot of hard work and effort goes into this.

2.  Post race food.  I like to eat as evidenced by my hips…j/k but I do love to eat.  Post race allows me to eat a special treat once in a while that I generally save as a reward for doing something awesome…like running a half marathon.

3. To prove to yourself that you’re capable of so much more than you ever thought possible.  It never ceases to amaze me that I can run as far as I do.  I’ve  never been particularly athletic.  I never played sports in high school and until I started running a few years ago, the only reason I ran was for ice cream.

5. Bling. I mean hellooooo! Who doesn’t love a shiny new medal to hang on the wall!

4.  To be the best me that I can be.  Simple as that.

What are your reasons for running?

Friday 5…

It’s Friday again and that can mean only one thing…Friday 5 link up with Courtney at Eat Run Pray DC, Cynthia at You Signed Up for What and Mar at Mar on the Run for the weekly link-up.  If you haven’t checked out these ladies blogs yet, you totally should.  They are fun, feisty and not afraid to call it like they see it.

This week’s Friday Five Theme: Five Favorite Fuels (for running or other fitness activities)

1.  I’ll be honest, I don’t get a chance to eat before my long runs and my stomach can be really sensitive about what I put in it pre-run.  I’m talking about heartburn so bad that it feels like my head is going to melt off (Thank God for Tums).  Race days I get up extra early to have breakfast but training days…I Gu (or some brand there of).  I prefer chocolate, coffee, salted caramel and tri-berry flavors.  Vanilla is a no go.  And I can only eat the stuff if I don’t look at it, otherwise it turns my stomach.


2.  During a run, Gu and water.  I’ve been hearing a lot about people who eat things like gummy bears, Skittles, etc. but I’ve found that I can’t run and chew.  My nose doesn’t work as good as it should so chewing and breathing don’t always work well together.  During exercise I’m a mouth breather.  It’s not pretty but it’s better than not breathing.

3.  If I have time to pre-game my run, one of my favorites is almond butter and honey.  A little protein, a little sugar and zoom!


  1. Another favorite is greek yogurt and berries.  You might not be able to tell but there’s yogurt under all those berries.


5.  Post run I love chocolate soy milk and a banana or chocolate soy milk and almond butter and honey.  Heaven forbid if I don’t eat shortly after I run.  If I don’t eat I become like Godzilla stomping around the city…talk about cranky.


6.  I know it’s Friday 5 but I have one more that I can’t live without…coffee.  Gotta have it.  Pre-run, post run, it’s all good.

What are your five favorite ways to fuel for your favorite activities?


Friday Five…

It’s Friday again which means that it’s time to link up  with Courtney at Eat Pray Run DC, Cynthia at You Signed Up for What and Mar at Mar on the Run.  If you haven’t checked out these girls blogs yet, you totally should.  They are all fun, witty girls with some pretty interesting things to say.

Friday 5 - Fall Activities

This weeks theme is Five Favorite Fall Activities.  Here’s my top 5 in no particular order:

1.  Fall Running.  There is something so special to me about fall running.  The cool air on my face, the crunch of the fallen leaves under my feet, the wonderfully distracting Halloween decorations, the sound of people cheering on their favorite football team while I’m the only one out running.  It’s like having the world a little bit to myself on those morning runs.

Fall Running

2.  Pie, baking pie, eating pie.  Fall is pie weather to me.  I don’t normally eat pie during other times of the year but pie is the smell and taste of cozy to me.  And it always means family to me.


3.  Coffee.  I love drinking coffee all year round and I’d hate to imagine a life without it but when that cool weather hits, I love to get bundled up and sit on my porch, drink my coffee and watch the world go by.

Fall Front Porch

4.  Annual Fall camping trip.  Every year Hubby and I gather up our friends and head out to camp.  We have a favorite campground on a lake that at about mid-October we have all to ourselves.  It’s the last trip of the year and usually the best.

Annual Camping Trip

5.  In the fall, the Sand Hill Cranes migrate through our area.  I love going down to the preserve to watch them.  They are such beautiful creatures.  I just heard my first ones while on break at work on Wednesday.  I searched for them and searched for them until I finally saw them flying very high, headed in the direction of the preserve.

Sand Hill Crane

Fall is my favorite time of year.  But between all the fun activities and the training I’m doing, this year I’m going to have to work hard to make sure it doesn’t pass me by and become winter while I’m not looking.

What are your favorite fall activities?

Do you have any weird obsessions with season waterfowl?

Do you like pie?  What’s your favorite?

Friday Five: My Five Favorite Things

Every Friday Courtney at Eat Pray Run DC, Cynthia at You Signed Up for What and Mar at Mar on the Run host a weekly link up, Friday Five.  This weeks theme is My Five Favorite ___________.

This week has been really tough with lots of things happening every day and I intended to write this post yesterday but I ended up in a meeting that lasted from 8:30am to 12:45pm and by the time I got lunch and dealt with a few things that wouldn’t wait, it was time for me to go meet the in-laws for dinner and then off to a seminar at my local Fleet Feet.  I didn’t get home until 8:45 and I was wiped out.

So here it is, My Five Favorite Things…


1. My squats app on my phone.  Love this thing.  Granted I’m only doing about 26 squats per day but I’m always forgetting and with the app, it reminds me to do the squats.


2.  Free seminars at my local Fleet Feet.  Lasts nights was Movement lynchpin by Dr. Lau.  He talked about how pain in one area of the body is often caused by something else, usually an area that’s supposed to be moving but isn’t and how the body compensates for that.


3.  The gym.  Since my groin pull, I’ve been spending a lot of time in the gym on the treadmill.  I used to own one but got rid of it when I discovered how much I loved running outside but with my injury, being able to run on the mill saved me a lot of pain and got me back on the road to recovery much, much faster than I would have if I’d tried to continue running outside.


4.  My Fitbit.  Stalk me here.  I love how much this little thing helps me stay active during the day.  My job is very stationary.  Not much movement here.  I work at a computer all day and if I didn’t have this little thing, I would never move.  It’s a great thing.  Now if only it could remind me to sit up straight.


5.  Lara Bars, especially the lemon bar.  So yum and so not full of nasty things like preservatives and added sugar.  Love them so much right now.

I could have made this list so much longer and gone on for days because this list didn’t include coffee, running, jeans, fall weather, spending time with family…a million options.  Sometimes five is just the tip of the iceberg.


What are your five favorite things?

The weekend is almost here, just a few more hours.  What do you have planned?  Any long runs?

Friday Five Link Up…

It’s Friday Five Link Up with Cynthia at You Signed Up for What, Courtney at Eat Pray Run DC and Mar at Mar on the Run.  This weeks Friday 5 is Blogs that you love.  I’m a huge reader of running blogs.  I love to know what others are doing and they are often a good source of information on the latest products and fun running tips.

Here’s 5 of my favorite running blogs in no particular order:

  1. Let’s go Running and Running will be Awesome
  2. Run Away with Me
  3. Skinny Chick Blog
  4. The Blonder Side of Life
  5. The Girl Who Ran Everywhere

All of these ladies pretty much tell it like it is.  They talk about their training, their injuries and their lives in general.  The things I love about blogs so much is the fact that these are real people, from different walks of life and different areas of the country.  It’s not a cookie cutter article written for a magazine.

Who are your favorite running bloggers?


Friday 5…

It’s Friday (thank goodness) and I wanted to link up with Eat Pray Run DC for Friday 5.  This weeks theme is Fall Preview.  I love summer if for nothing else than dresses.  I’m not really a pants girl until it gets cold and then I’m all about cords, sweaters and boots.  Not to mention vests, hats and hot coffee.  Thankfully Northern California is a 4 season place.  We actually get fall.


Can’t you imagine running down this road as the beautiful leaves fall around you?  I’d dreaming of it right now and it’s glorious.

Here’s the 5 things I’m most looking forward to for fall:

1.  Getting back outside and off the mill.  Fall means cooler temps and hopefully a full recovery from my groin pull.  I love the sound of fall leaves being crushed under my feet as I run outside.  There is something so relaxing about it.  I just hate when the first rains come and the leaves aren’t crunchy anymore. Or when the winds blow them away.

2.  Seeing my breath in the air.  I know it sounds crazy but I love seeing my breath in the air as I’m pulling on my hat and gloves to head out for my run.  It makes me feel so cozy even when I’m not.

3.  Generic I know but Pumpkin Spice Latte.  Yum.  So good.  I might have to indulge in a few.

4.  Fall sweaters.  For me summer bodies are earned in the winter and winter sweaters are knit in the summer and fall.

5.  November Half Marathon?  Maybe if all goes will with the remainder of my recovery.

What are you plans for fall?  What do you most look forward to as the temps cool down?