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And I Dreamed I was Running…

I dreamed I was running last night.

In my dreams

And it was one of those runs where it’s effortless.  And you’re smiling.  And you feel AMAZING!  Like this woman.  She’s running, she’s having a good time.  I look like the lady in blue to the right, a little jealous.  I was so happy when I first woke this morning after my dream and then it crashed home that I haven’t run a step in more than a month and I was sad again.

So what have I been doing…not running my half that I registered for on May 18th, Avenue of the Vines.  I did pick up my packet and at least get my shirt but I did the smart thing and didn’t run.  I wish I could but physically my leg isn’t up to it.  I am walking without a limp most days unless I’m really tired.  I have ridden my bike around the block…once.  But other than walking a bit, I’ve had no exercise and am missing running dearly.

I’ve stayed away from reading running blogs because it makes me sad.  I haven’t read my copy of Runners World.  And I just folded the load of running clothes that I washed right before the Capital City Classic where I pulled my groin.  I’m embarrassed to admit that I haven’t even washed the clothes I ran Capital City Classic in.  Gross.  I should do that.

Mentally, I’m so ready to run.  But physically, I’m not there yet.  My leg is still painful  but ever day is better.  I’m hopeful that when the sixth week rolls around, I will be ready to at least give it a go.  I miss running.

What do you do when you’re injured?

Any other hobbies to keep you busy?

Capital City Classic Race Recap


Capital City Classic 10 Mile came off without a hitch…well there was one hitch but I’ll get to that.  First let’s start on Saturday.

Saturday morning, I got up early and drove up to Garcia Bend Park to get my pre race shake out run in.  I ran 4.45 miles in 41:52.  Despite having some tightness in my left hamstring, the run felt good and I was really happy with my time.  I spent most of the rest of the day eating good, healthy meals and making sure that I got plenty of carbs to be prepared for Sunday.  I hit the bed about 9pm because I knew that I was going to have to get up at 5 in order to have enough time to eat breakfast and drive to downtown.

5am came very early but I was up and feeling good for my race.  I got dressed and had a full breakfast before I hit the road.  Downtown only takes about 30 minutes on a Sunday morning and I was able to get there early enough to get decent on street parking for free.  Yay for free.

StartThe start was just a little bit late, about 3 minutes but I was so happy when it did start because it was cold this morning.  It was actually raining on my drive to downtown, enough that I had to run the wipers.  The course was pretty hill with the first one immediately after the start.  My hamstring was tight and the up hills were pretty tough but I was doing good.

Running Tower Bridge

One of the highlights of the race was running the iconic Tower Bridge.  We crossed the bridge at about mile 2.5.  I’d really been looking forward to it because the last time I crossed it on foot was two years ago during my first Half Marathon, Sham’rockin.  And at the point I crossed the bridge, I was in serious pain and was ready for it to be over.  It wasn’t an enjoyable moment.  But today made up for that.  I was ear to ear smile.  I enjoyed every minute of it.

I Street Bridge Approach

After touring around West Sacramento, including The River Walk and some cute neighbor hoods, we hit the approach to the I Street Bridge.  Saying it’s steep is an understatement.  It was really tough and people were stopping to walk all around me.  I held out even though I had to really slow to make it to the top without walking.

Downtown from I Street BridgeTower Bridge from I Street Bridge







Here’s where the hiccup comes in.  After crossing the I Street Bridge, we headed down a pretty steep road to connect to the Sacramento River Parkway, Discovery Park & the American River Parkway.  I’m cruising down the ramp and all of a sudden, huge pain in my inner thigh.  It was right around mile, 6 when the pain came.

I still had 4 miles to go, I was feeling great, plenty of energy and loving my run, except for this new pain.  I think my body just couldn’t handle all the down hill.  I limped my way through the next 4 miles and was so happy to see the finish even before I got there.  I was in a ton of pain.  My mile times went from 10 min/mile at the 10k split to 10:30’s and one that was almost an 11 min mile.  I was hurting.

In the Finishing Shoot

My sweetie came up for the finish and grabbed this picture of me just before crossing the finish line.  Normally I sprint for the finish and I did speed up but the pain my thigh was just too great for any real speed.  But I did grin from ear toear when I saw my sweetie.  It was such a nice treat to have him at the finish line.


So one pulled groin muscle later, I finished in 1:41:35.  Despite the ouchy, I still finished well within my initial time frame (1:40 to 1:50). I’m thrilled with the outcome but I’m bummed about the pulled muscle.


Now the question is, how long is this going to take to heal?  It’s horrible to hobble around the house.  Other than the pull, I feel great.  I’m so happy with my performance and if this had been a half marathon, I would have pr’d again even with the injury.

Did you race this weekend?  How’d you do?

Have you ever pulled your groin?  How’d you cope with it?

The Best Laid Plans…


3 more days until the Capital City Classic. Mentally, I think I’m ready.  Physically, I’m still recovering from being sick.  But the good news is that I feel sooooo much better today than I have since last week.  My energy is back and fingers crossed, I won’t have to take a nap in my car at lunch time today.  Ugh.  I hate having to do that.  Despite the nap it always seem to leave me more drained then before I fell asleep.

Today is a rest day for me and I’m glad it was because I totally forgot to even set the alarm to get me up for work.  Thankfully Kitty was on the job and she got me up at 5:15.  It was still 15 minutes later than I normally get up but better than waking up at 7 and having 30 minutes to get dressed and drive over.  I never would have made it.

CCC Weather

The weather is looking better and better for sunday.  They were calling for sunny and now they’re predicting overcast.  I love it.  Fingers crossed for a cool race.  I have no plan other than to treat this as a long run/training run for my half that is coming up next month, The Avenue of the Vines.

I’d like to finish around the 1:40 mark for 10 miles.  My last 10 mile long run was on March 9th and I finished in 1:51:43, average pace 11:09.  That was more than a month ago and I like to think that I’ve improved some speed wise since then.  I’m hoping to have a pace closer to the 10 minute/mile pace.  I don’t want to kill myself so I’m planning to do as I always do on my training runs, start out slow and get progressively faster over the course of the race.  Of course we all know what they say about the best laid plans, “The best-laid plans of mice and men often go awry.”

Do you like to plan out how you’ll race?  Or are you just a go with the flow racer?

What’s your favorite post race treat?

6 More Days…

6 more days until the Capital City Classic and I’m not feeling as confident as I’d like.  Some how I got sick over the weekend and was forced into taking two days off from running.  And that meant that I missed Sunday’s long run.  Obviously, I know that I can run 10 miles since I’ve run 2 half marathons all ready this year but I like that last long run to give me the confidence going into the race that I know I’ll complete it with my head held high.


However, with 2 extra rest days under my belt, I think I will be well rested for this race.  The goal for the rest of the week is to get my scheduled runs in and watch my nutrition.  I need to eat good food so on race day I have lots of energy.

CCC Weather

The weather is looking good or Sunday.  We were supposed to get a storm in today but it seems to have blown by us and headed up into the Sierra where it’s been snowing overnight.  I prefer cooler temps for racing.  The cooler the weather, the fast I run to keep warm.  It’s the universal law of freezing my butt off.

04-22-14 run

Normally Tuesday are not a scheduled run day for me but since I had the last two days forced rest, I wanted to get up this morning and run.  I intended to run 5 this morning but it was really windy and after 4, I was done.  It was a considerably slower run than my normal pace but I hadn’t eaten much over the weekend so I didn’t want to blow away all my energy.

04-22-14 Splits

It might have been a slow run this morning but on the upside, I did have negative splits.  There is something special about negative splits, especially when you’re racing.  The “plan” for Capital City Classic is to run more by effort than by pace but to be honest, it’ll be a combo of both.  I’m hoping to start with a 10:30 pace and work my way down.  I’d like to finish with my lap pace closer to 9/mile.  But the best laid plans are, at best, tentative.

I’m seriously thinking about utilizing race day packet pick up for the first time ever.  I always, always, always pick up my packet the day before the race.  That way I can plan my clothing and pre-pin my bib to my shirt.  I’m considering race day pick up because I’m extremely lazy and I don’t want to drive the 35 minutes to the Sports Authority where the packet pick up is located.  Lazy!

Do you pick up your packet before race day?

How do you come back from being sick?

Yesterday after work was so beautiful here. Due to all the road closures around here, my new commute is twice as long but takes me down some lovely rural roads. The fields are still green and with temps in the low 80’s, driving with the windows down was a must.

I got home a few minutes before my sweetie and headed out to the back yard with the dogs to enjoy the sunshine and play a little ball.  When Hubby got home this happened.


Yep, dogs were used as pillows and naps were had in the grass.  Not real naps but some serious relaxing.  We sat out there long enough to justify ordering a pizza for dinner and for me to get a little sunburn on my arms.  Some how I always manage to forget that I’m fair-skinned.

I have to admit that I’ve been a bit disappointed by my morning runs since I switched over last Friday from 5:30pm runs to 4am runs.  My average pace as been slower in the AM then they were in PM.  But this morning, I think I finally found my AM run groove…despite the fact that my JayBirds ran out of power this morning on mile 4.  Thank goodness, it was a 5 mile run so I powered through the last mile without them.

04-16-14 Run

My first mile is always in the 10:30 range, always.  It’s my warm up mile.  No need to go out to fast and pull up lame.  That would not be good.  Seeing those 9’s pop up on my Garmin this morning was such a good feeling.  They’re not grossly fast for me but a good pace.  One I’d like to see repeated at my next half in May.  Or at the Capital City Classic which is coming up in a week and a half.

Speaking of the Capital City Classic (CCC), I’ve been kind of apprehensive about this race due to how bad my last one was.  I seriously thought about a DNF but I’m glad I didn’t.  For CCC, I opted for the 10 mile version of the race (they offer a 2.62 mile, 5k, 10k & 10 mile run).  It fits well into my training plan for Avenue of the Vines but has a couple of fairly serious hills on the course.  I’ve run them before in races a few years ago but this will be the first time this year.  Since my area doesn’t have a lot of hills (flat farming country), I’ve been going over to the new overpass on the south side of town on my long runs to incorporate it as a hill on my long runs.  It’s a long hill but not all that steep, similar to the ones I’ll face at CCC.  I’ve been operating under the theory, slow if you must but don’t stop for hills.  It worked at Modesto, and it’s worked on my long runs and I’m hoping that it will work again for CCC.

Tower BridgeI Street Bridge

I am looking forward to running two of Sacramento’s iconic bridges, Tower Bridge & I Street Bridge.  Both bridges are life lines between downtown Sacramento and West Sacramento.  Tower Bridge leads from Raley Field, home of the AAA baseball team, The River Cats into downtown.  I Street bridge is not as fancy or as celebrated at Tower Bridge but it beautiful in its own way.

ccc-2013-10K-10m-Map  Most of the course is run in West Sacramento which will be fun because I’ve never explored much of that area, unless you count going to Ikea.  I really enjoy when a race course goes through areas that I don’t know.  It’s like sight-seeing instead of racing and keeps my mind off the race.

I’m really looking forward to this race.  Not as long as a Half but not so short that it’s over in a blink.  Fingers crossed for a fast fun race.

What race are you looking forward to?

Do you like to “sight-see” while you race?  Or are you more of a focused runner?

April is Here & I’m Ready…I Think

April Board

April is here and I figured that it was time I updated my board with my current training schedules and motivation.  For all of March I still had February’s stuff up.  I never took the time to update the board, mostly because I was lazy and partly because it just wasn’t a priority for me.

I love my squirrel calendar.  I know it’s cheesy but by the time I finally got around to buying one Tractor Supply only had this one and tractors.  Tractors just aren’t my thing but I do have an odd love of squirrels.  Too bad none live in my neighborhood.

April Running & Racing Schedule

In addition to my squirrel calendar and my Fleet Feet Training Schedule from 2 years ago (what?  I keep it as a reference point), I have my April Running & Racing Schedule.  I love that I can get free typeable/printable calendars on-line.  It makes it so much easier for me to work out my schedule without having to write everything in pencil and then pen it in when I’ve finalized it.  I love crossing off the days and marking in what shoes I wore as the month goes on.  It helps to keep my on track and feel motivated as well as accomplished as the month goes on.

April is going to be a tough busy month as far as training and racing goes.  I have a half marathon scheduled and a 10 miler.  At this point my long runs are done for the Half since it’s this weekend and my long runs aren’t that long in preparation for the 10 miler three weeks later.  8 miles and 9 miles no longer seem long after running 11 miles and then a half marathon last month.  But I am upping my weekly mileage.  Last month all my Monday/Friday runs were 4 miles.  For April I’m upping them to 5 miles.  And the 4 mile Saturday runs are going to 6 miles.  This may or may not actually happen but I’m going to try it out.  4 miles on Saturday just seemed like a very short run for me.  I would be home in 40 minutes and have the rest of the day which was great but I feel like it’s not challenging me enough, so up goes the miles.

FitFluential April Abs

Last month I did FitFluential’s March Miles challenge.  This month Hubby and I are both doing their April Abs Challenge.  You plank (any version you wish) for the alloted time each day.  The challenge is here if you want to check it out.  We planked to 30 seconds yesterday and as the bad wife I am, I chuckled at Hubby having to really work hard for about the last 15 seconds.  But he got through it and did a great job.  I know that as the times get up past 1:30, I will be struggling too.  But I love the challenge of it all.

April Motivation

This month’s motivation is more of everything that makes it so worth while.  More effort = more satisfied.  The one thing that I don’t have on my board but need is a reminder that when I eat crap food, I feel like crap.  Gotta add that one because it’s so true.  I have not been eating good the last few weeks and I haven’t felt my best.  I  need to get rid of the junk and incorporate more high quality protein and carbs as well as more veggies.  I eat a lot of fruit every day and try for quality foods during the work day but at night it’s been falling apart in a big way.  I don’t want to mention the fact that I ate a whole package of fruit newtons in two days…they were whole wheat!  That makes it not as bad right?  No…I didn’t think so.  I need to make meal planning more of a priority.  Maybe I should update the Training Schedule to say Meal Plan on Thursdays.

What’s on your motivation/training board?

Do you meal plan?  If so, where do you get your ideas?

Race Packet Pick Up Day…


Race packet pick up day is my favorite day.  I love getting my bib and my shirt and any other goodies the race is offering.  It’s so exciting, the prospect of it all.  I spend the day wondering how I’m going to run, how big is the field, is it going to be too hot, too cold…all the things that could go wrong (but likely won’t) like parking, being late, will I have to use the porta potty (yes).  So many possibilities.

I’ve done the prep work for this race.  I’m prepared.  It’s only a 7k, not a half.  I got this.  My best 7k at home was done in 42 minutes and some change.  I’m under no delusion that I will finish this race in that time just because of things like getting stuck behind slower runners who like to run 3 a breast on a narrow trail or people who like to suddenly walk right in front of you.  But I know that I will do fine.  I’m aiming to keep about a 10:30 pace and not go out like a crazed dog.  Since this is my first race in two years, I just want it to be a fun one, an enjoyable one.

9199_Capital City_10 Mile_Approval

A while back I signed up for the NorCal Tour de FIT series.  It’s a series of races designed to help people keep active.  I agreed to sign up and run three races between February and July 2014.  I had already signed up for The Lucky Race and Running of the Elks and I need one more race.  I had two to choose from two as part of the series, one at the end of April (two weeks after Running of the Elks) and one in the middle of July.  I don’t like to race that far into summer so I signed up for the Capital City Classic at the end of April.  The race offers a 5k, a 10k & a 10 miler.  I signed up for the 10 mile race.  I thought it would be a great way to keep my mileage up after Running of the Elks half marathon.

For right now my race schedule looks like this:

03/08 – Lucky Run 7K

04/06 – Running of the Elks Half Marathon

04/27 – Capital City Classic 10 Miler

I’m hoping to add something in May too but right now I haven’t found anything that fits my schedule that isn’t crazy far away.  Or right when Hubby and I are going to have a get away to the Central Coast.  I’d like to add an additional Half some time this year but it might have to wait until later in the year, say a fall race to early winter.


On a side note not related to racing/running…I got my first gel manicure last night.  I loved it.  So cool that it was dry before I left the salon and I didn’t have to worry about messing it up.  I also got a pedicure so that my toes look nice for the open toed heels I’m wearing for the fund-raiser tomorrow night.  Hopefully I don’t mess it up between now and the party.

Also on a non-racing side note but related to Running, if you like Brooks shoes and running clothes, Zulily has a great deal on right now.  I picked up a pair Tile Blue & Lime Punch Pure Cadence 2 Running Shoes, two tank tops, a long sleeve shirt & a pair of Capris pretty cheap this morning.

120134_763_a_ZMI’ve been wanting to try Brooks for a while but was having trouble locally finding them in my weird shoe size.  So getting a deal on them is awesome.

Are you racing this weekend?

What are your favorite brands of running shoes/gear?