Cross Training & Schedule Mix Ups

Some times making changes to an already packed training schedule is not a good thing.  Normally I do crossfit on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  These are my rest days from running.  As a general rule, no running is allowed but I like to have active rest days.  I will walk my dogs and cross train on those days but yesterday was different and I’m paying the price this morning.

Between work and crossfit I have about an hour to kill.  It’s  not enough time to get my run completed, plus an active cool down and stretching so I do chores around the house…fold laundry, run the vacuum, etc.  Then Hubby and I are off to crossfit.  Last nights class ran about 15 minutes long and it was 7pm (class starts at 5:30) before I got home.  I had to quickly change gears and grab my reflective vest and all the gear that goes along with running in the dark and get to it.

Tired legs do not make for a fast run.

I had to do my scheduled Friday run last night because I’m getting my hair done after work today and nobody wants to sweat out a new dye job.  By the time I finished the run and active cool down it was 8pm.  I still need to do my squats, sit ups, push ups & plank.  By the time I finished that and was ready to eat dinner, it was 8:30pm.  I grabbed a quick Peanut Butter & honey sandwich and chips with a chocolate soymilk and called it dinner.  I hit the shower at 9pm and finally was in bed at 10pm.

I love you, Coffee.  Don't tell Hubby.  He might get jealous of our unending love.
I love you, Coffee. Don’t tell Hubby. He might get jealous of our unending love.

According to my Fitbit, I slept 6 hours and 11 minutes.  Not enough.  My eyes keep trying to close against my will this morning.  I tried to hide the dark circles under my eyes with makeup but coffee and I will be spending quality time together today.  Coffee at home, coffee at the office.  I’m in charge of purchasing coffee for the office so at least I know it won’t be some slop.  Hello, my name is Mad Runner and I’m a coffee snob.

Last nights crossfit was tough with lots of leg work.  We practiced double unders (I almost had one) then weights, box jumps and burpees.  I was super proud of myself.  I finally was able to jump onto the big box.  I usually try and then my mind says you can’t and then I can’t so I end up with the little girl box jump.  It’s super embarrassing to have to use the little one.  I’m tall and tiny girls are jumping onto the big box and I can’t.  But not last night, my friends!  I jumped and jumped and jumped!  I was smiling from ear to ear.

After all that leg work, my run was very tough…and dark.  But I powered through with no walking.  I tried not to stare at my Garmin and will away the miles.  I tried to be as present as possible.  But considering I did 4.27 miles in 45 minutes at a 10:27 pace, it really wasn’t a bad run physically but it was very tough mentally.  I’m glad I made it through and I hope that I don’t have to do that too many times between now and my April Half.

My Husband is the best for many, many reasons but last night he did the most wonderful thing.  Whenever one of us is going shopping some where, we always ask for a present.  Sometimes you get a candy bar or a fishing lure; whatever is inexpensive and an impulse buy.  This time he brought me home a 18″ foam roller.  I have a mini roller but I needed a larger one too.  I’m planning on spending some time with it tonight after I get my hair done.

What is your favorite area to roll?

I love rolling out my IT band and my glutes.

What’s your favorite way to treat yourself for a job well done?

Nail polish or new running gear, I can’t decide.


Have a super weekend!


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