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I read a fair amount of blogs almost every day. Some I’m a religious reader of and some I read every once in while. One of the ones that I read often is Loving on the Run.  Sara is great & she talks about what a lot of run bloggers talk about, running, training, what we’re eating, what we’re not eating and just life in general.  But yesterday I was trolling around the internet looking for workouts I could do at the gym in hopes that someone else had already done the work and I wouldn’t have to do any.  And Sara had.


On her workouts page she has a section for Injury Recovery…Um perfect.  I’m recovering from an injury.  In case I haven’t mentioned it, I pulled my groin.  And by mentioned I mean whined about it.  A lot.  I whine about it to anyone that will listen.  I’m pretty sure that as soon as my husband hears the words, “my leg” he starts hearing Charlie Browns teacher, Wah wah wah wah.

Since yesterday was Wednesday and Wednesday is normally my regular run day, I really wanted to hit the gym again.  But what I don’t want to do is push my body so far that I end up hurting myself worse.  I’m slowly getting better so let’s not kill ourselves, shall we?  Thank you.

When I saw Sara’s interval run/walk work out I thought it was perfect for what I want to do yesterday.  Run/walk, nothing to difficult.

07-16-2014 Interval Training

I completed the workout but it was a lot tougher that I thought it was going to be.  Of course I based that assumption on pre-injury standards.  The last 5 minute run was the toughest part.  I had to talk myself into it.  “Just 5 minutes, you can do that.”  “Just 4 minutes, you can do that.”  And on and on right up until the last 30 seconds.  I’ll be honest, I thought this workout was going to be easy but it turned out to be anything but.  But I finished and I finished strong.  And I’m really happy with the results.  Almost 5 miles…of course if I’d noticed that I was at 4.98, I would have walked a bit longer to get it to 5 miles.  But at this point, I’m thrilled with 4.98 miles.  It’s the longest run I’ve had in quite some time.


Post gym I treated myself with a Outshine Lime bar.  Tasty, tasty and it won’t ruining my calorie burn at only 70 calories.  Guilt free!  I deserved it.

I’m making progress.  Slow progress but hey, time was going to pass anyway so why not get to work.

Do you have any injury recovery advice/workouts that you prefer?

What’s your favorite post gym/workout treat?

And I Ran…

07-15-2014I didn’t run far per say, but it’s the furthest I’ve been able to run since the groin pull.  And let me say, it was great.  I’m pretty sure I grinned the whole time.  I had hoped for a good outcome and that I didn’t just throw away my money by joining the gym and it all came true.

Average page was:  11:27/mile
Distance:  2.51
Time:  30:00

It was very tempting to just keep going but I didn’t want to wear myself out or make my injury worse.  The point here is to heal, not kill myself.  Obviously the pace was considerably less than my normal pace but again, heal not kill.

The gym was empty when I got there yesterday afternoon, just me, another girl on the treadmill and a couple of guys lifting weights.  I ran for 30 minutes and then used the stretching area to ya know, stretch.  It was perfect.  I upped my speed a little at a time as I felt comfortable.  I still have pain but no where near but I was experiencing on the road.

It was a very odd experience for me since I’ve been an outside runner for so long.  But just being able to run for more than a mile was joyous, wonderful, awesome, freaking amazing! I’m so looking forward to my next run.

I Joined a Gym…

Anytime Fitness

I joined a gym yesterday. I belonged to a crossfit gym for about 6 months late last year and into February this year but gave it up when I started to get serious about my running again.  But with the groin pull, I’m having a very hard time getting back to my running.  I can only run about a mile right now and it’s a pretty slow one.

My work is about 2.5 miles from my house and I drive past the Anytime Fitness every day.  It’s less than a mile from my house and I could easily walk or run it.  But the motivation behind joining the gym is the treadmills and the ellipticals.  I’m really hoping that running on the mill will be easier for my leg.

The price wasn’t bad, but wasn’t awesome cheap either.  I joined only for 3 months with the thought process that it’s hotter than the sun here right now, so I need to get through the summer months and then I can hit the streets again.  For 3 months I paid $135, plus a $50 activation fee for the key fob that allows you 24 hour access.  I wasn’t thrilled about the $50 activation fee but I guess that motivates people to not lose their fob.

It has been years and years since I ran on a mill.  I had one at home for a very long time but gave it away when I discovered the joy of running outside (another reason to not join for more than 3 months).  I’m not sure I can handle more than 3 month of running on the mill.

I’m not really planning on using the weights all that much but I might.  I don’t want to rule it out.  I really need a personal trainer to work with me if I’m going to be doing weights because I don’t have a clue how to use a lot of those machines.  Fingers crossed that I don’t kill myself.


I once had a free pass to use a very fancy gym where I used to live in Napa.  Of course I head straight to the treadmills.  I hope on, I’m running everything is going fine and then, I step half on the belt and half on the edge of the mill, you know, that part that the belt is running over but it isn’t moving?  Yeah.  I basically flew off the mill and landed in a heap in front of the machine that was behind me.  I didn’t get hurt but it was so embarrassing.  The staff comes running over, making a huge fuss.  Oh pride, sometimes you come after a fall.

Pros for joining a gym:

This one doesn’t seem to be very busy during the time I would be using it.  (4am to 5am and/or 3:30pm to 5pm)

Bathrooms, clean and they have a shower

A girl only area for stretching and using yoga mats

24 hour access even when the gym isn’t staffed


Cons for joining a gym:

I have to pay for what I used to do for free outside or at home

Dealing with other people – Known introvert over here (this should not be news to my family and friends)

The very real possibility of making a fool of myself in public…but really that’s anytime, anywhere.


What’s your worst gym confession?



As I was leaving this morning, this adorable thing was waiting in my driveway for me.  She has a collar but no tags and is pretty dirty with some mats.  I’m going to do my best to find her people.  I’m taking her to the vet to see if she’s chipped and I’ve made up found dog posters to put up in the neighborhood.

In the mean time, she needs a name…and a bath.  I’m calling her Adele.

Fingers crossed.

lost dog