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Finally, Something to Love about Day Light Savings Time…

I admit, I am not a fan of Day Light Savings time.  You lose an hour, you’re cranky on Monday morning, you forget to change the time on the coffee pot and there’s no coffee before you shower…it’s just a losing situation.  But last night I finally found something to love about it.  Chores.  That’s right, I said chores.  Since it was going to be light later in the evening, I didn’t have to rush home, rush out to walk the dogs so I could get my run in before it was completely dark.  I was able to do somethings around the house that needed to be done but had been neglected because I was too tired to deal with it after I ran.  I ran the vacuum over the entire house, picked up all the shoes, started cleaning off the dining room table and discussed re-orging the master closet with Hubs.  Then I walked the dogs, ran, rolled & finally ate dinner…at 8:30pm.  Ok, I didn’t love that part but otherwise it was good.

Yum, Green salad with chicken sausage on it.
Yum, Green salad with chicken sausage on it. Please note the “hungry” dachshund staring at me over the edge of the plate. So sad.

My Run was so great last night.  I really didn’t want to run when I first went out.  I had a bit of a tummy ache, the wind was blowing pretty steady and it was warm.  But once I got going the run was great.  I felt good, except for the burps, but I could deal with it.

March 10
5.01 miles, 50:55 total time, 10:09 average pace.
Mile 1: 10:35, Mile 2: 10:31, Mile 3: 10:34, Mile 4: 9:45,Mile 5: 9:21

I was really happy with the last two miles.  Picking up the pace and keeping it going on tired legs in headwinds is tough.

Rocking Doris Day Curls
Rocking Doris Day Curls