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The one in which I admit something shocking…

I’m going to admit something to you guys that you may find shocking.  I hope you’re sitting down for this because I’d feel bad if anyone fainted and hit their head.  Sitting?  Good.  I’m 38 years old and I go to bed at 9pm religiously.   Wait, that’s not the shocking part.  Afterall, this is a running blog and lots of us go to bed early and by early, I mean grandma status early.  No this isn’t the shocking part at all.  The socking part is that I stayed up last night to watch the season opener of The Walking Dead that started at 9pm and I stayed awake for the whole thing!!!!  (insert dramatic music here)  Did you watch it yet?  So good, right?!!!  Love it.  I hope no one has fainted or thinks that I’m clinically insane.  Other than being kinda sleepy today and chugging coffee, I’m ok.  So if you’re panicking, you can relax.

Saturday was long run day per the usual and it went off without a  hitch.  But Sunday…oh my.  I “slept in” on Sunday until 6am.  I figured with a short run there was no real need for me to be up and running before that.  So when I finally drug myself out of bed I discovered that my Garmin was dead.  I figured what the heck, I’ll just hit the gym and run on the treadmill.  So I grab my phone and it’s dead too.  At that point I plug-in all the gadgets and take a nap.  Seriously, took a nap for like 2 hours.  Finally took myself to the gym around 9 and ran my 3 miles.

Weekly recap:

Monday: 5 miles in 28:30 at 9:42 pace (treadmill)
Tuesday: 2 miles in 20:17 at 10:09 pace
Wednesday: 6 miles in 55:45 at 9:18 pace (treadmill)
Thursday: 2 miles in 20:00 at 10:00 pace
Friday: 4 miles in 38:49 at 9:42 pace (treadmill)
Saturday: 9 miles in 1:38:43 at 10:58 pace
Sunday:  3 miles in 29:25 at 9:48 pace (treadmill)

Total miles run: 31 (up 5% from last week)
Days streaking:  22

How was your week? 

Did you have any particularly awesome runs?

Did you watch The Walking Dead?

Weekly Recap…


This week is flying by.  Normally I like to post my training recap on Monday for the prior week but it’s been such a busy week that I haven’t gotten to it.  So it’s recap Wednesday…

Monday:  4.01 Miles in 38:29 for a 9:36 pace (Treadmill)

Tuesday:  2.01 Miles in 19:36 for a 9:45 pace (Treadmill)

Wednesday:  4.01 Miles in 38:58 for a 9:43 pace (Treadmill)

Thursday:  Rest day – No gym, met the in-laws for dinner and then to Fleet Feet Sacramento for the Movement Lynchpin seminar

Friday:  4.00 Miles in 38:52 for a 9:43 pace (Treadmill)

Saturday:  6.00 Miles in 1:05:37 for a 10:56 pace (Outside)

Sunday:  Full rest, no run, no gym.  Wasn’t feeling very well and needed a down day.


My outdoor long run is a slog.  I need to get off the mill and get more time outdoors.  But it’s so convenient to go to the gym after work and it’s so hard to get up at 4am to run in the morning.  I was going to do it this morning but since I didn’t fall asleep until 11:45 last night, getting up at 4 just wasn’t going to happen.  But at some point, I’m going to have to suck it up and just do it.  My gym membership is up on the 17th of next month anyway…

How’s your training going?

Any advice for transition from the treadmill to outside?

Hit the Road, Jack…

After deciding that I would attempt a road run for a possible half marathon in November, I hit the road for a run bright and early on Saturday morning…well, not bright since it was 5:45 in the morning and the sun wasn’t even up yet.

Sunrise 09-13-2014

I did two laps around my neighborhood before I decided to venture out where there were less lights.  The plan was just to run and see how it felt.  I was seriously worried about being in pain but other than some pain in one of my glutes, I felt good.  It was hot out and as I always do with heat, I struggled.  But I managed to complete a full 5 miles without walking, even if they were slow miles.  But long runs are supposed to be slow so it wasn’t too horriable…or at least that’s what I’m telling myself.

09/13/2014 - 5 miles

11:09 average pace.  It felt so slow since I’ve been running 9:30 or less on the treadmill.  Treadmill running is so much easier than running outside.  But the good news is that I know it doesn’t hurt so this week I’ll be able to pick up the pace.

Fall?  Maybe?

Now I just have to find a balance between running on the road and hitting the gym.  It’s not something I’ve ever had to do before since I haven’t had a gym membership in more than 10 years.

So with what is now Week 1 of Half Marathon Training in the books, here’s the recap:

Monday:  (Treadmill) 3.5 miles, 9:25 pace for 32:59

Tuesday: (Treadmill)  Walk, various inclines for 62 minutes

Wednesday:  (Treadmill) 3.5 miles, 9:27 pace for 33:06

Thursday:  Rest Day

Friday: (Treadmill) 3.5 Miles, 9:17 pace for 32:29

Saturday:  (Road) 5.00 miles, 11:09 pace for 55:48

Sunday:  (Treadmill) 3.12 miles, 9:37 pace for 29:59

The Best Laid Plans and All That…

Remeber Running Outside?

You know how they say that while you’re making plans, God is laughing? Or at least something like that?  Originally I had planned to run a 8 mile race (Rock the 80’s) in less than two weeks as part of my training plan for my next half marathon (Folsom Blues Breakout in October).  But with the groin pull all that (and as an added bonus my half I was supposed to run in May) went out the window.  Sorry paid fees, you’re gone.  Sorry 10 mile easy runs, you’re gone too.  Sorry endurance and outside runs, bye-bye.

It’s been 4 months since I got hurt at my last race, which was still an awesome race and I’d totally do it again but this time without the injury.  I’m feeling amazing but my confidence has been shaken.  I use a lot of negatives and past tense when I talk about my running.  I used to run half marathons, I used to run outside.  I remember running 10 miles like it was no big deal.  Negatives, negatives, negatives.

But lately, the last week or so, I’ve been turning my thoughts forward.  I’m feeling amazing but I still haven’t run outside so that leaves a lot of doubts about what I can and can’t do.  The half I’d planned to run next month is not going to happen.  That’s a fact.  I just don’t have enough time to train the way I like to.  And I’m not willing to push it and get hurt more/again.

So now I’m turning my thoughts to November, specifically the 2014 Davis Turkey Trot (1/2 Marathon).  It’s far enough out that I could start with my long run this Saturday with only 4 miles.  Now here’s where my confidence is rocky.  I’d need to run outside, on the road, like a real person does when training.  It means stepping away from the treadmill where I know I can run 99.5% pain-free and putting myself out there.

The last time I ran outside was 8 weeks after my injury and I was in so much pain that I could barely make a mile and then it was a 13 minutes or so pace.  I’ll be honest with you and myself…I’m scared.  I’m scared it will hurt.  I’m scared I won’t be able to do it.  I’m scared I’ll have to walk.  I’m scared people will see me.  I’m scared.  I have a nice safe gym membership until the middle of October and by then it’ll be dark.  Dark is like a blanket.  No one will see me fail and I can fail in private.

Fail in private?  Really?  Wow, I’m defeating myself already.  I’m basically saying that I can’t do it.  That’s terrible.  I’ve never been that kind of girl.  I’ve always been the type that when you say, “Girls don’t do…,”  I do whatever it is that girls don’t do!  And never tell me not do something or say that I can’t because I will.  And let’s face it.  I’m going to have to face running outside, in public, on the ground at some point.  My gym membership is going to end and then it’s face the music.  So I think I’m going to tackle this one straight on.  Saturday will be an outside run.  I will have to get up early so I can run before it get’s hot but it’ll be worth it.

Pro’s and Con’s list for running outside:

  • Pro:  It’s outside
  • Con:  It’s outside!
  • Pro:  Wind in my face
  • Con:  People will see me!
  • Pro:  Interesting scenery
  • Con:  Might be painful
  • Pro:  If it hurts, I can go back to the gym
  • Pro:  It’s not boring
  • Pro:  Checking out new neighborhoods
  • Pro:  The sun on my face
  • Pro:  Crunchy leaves
  • Pro:  The park
  • Pro:  Trails
  • Pro:  Weather of all kinds, except wind
  • Con:  Wind

I think the pros out weigh the cons.  This Saturday is do or die.  Outside run at 6am!  Be there…or be inside at the gym…

What I Think About When I Think About Quiting…

Last week was a tough week in life but a great week in running.  My runs were faster, longer and harder in a good way but life was exhausting.  After napping quite a bit on Saturday and a little on Sunday I felt like I’d gained some ground and was almost level again energy wise.  Sunday’s run was a little slower than the runs earlier in the week but honestly, I wanted to conserve some of that new-found energy.

Monday…woke up late for work.  Barely had time for a shower and breakfast and definitely didn’t have time to do my hair.  So I bunned it and did the best I could do.  Got through work and headed to the gym.  It should have been an easy workout with just walking on the treadmill at an incline but I decided that I would go ahead and do Tuesdays planned workout which included adding an additional minute of run time to each interval and decreasing the walk sections by a minute.


I won’t lie.  It was tough.  It was the kind of run where you wonder why you do this, why are you torturing yourself.  It wasn’t that I was running too fast or that the additional minute was too much.  It was that I’ve been pushing too hard.  I’m not ready for back to back runs.  They take too much out of me right now.

When I got up this morning, after tossing and turning all night and not being able to get comfortable, both my legs hurt.  My thighs were tight, my groin was sore and even under my butt check on the pulled goin side was sore.  TMI, sorry.  Not to mention my ankle.  My left ankle has been compensation for my injury and is screaming for relief.  It hurts.  Rotate my ankle at all and it’s crying.

I know that I pushed myself way too far yesterday and today I’m paying the price.  I’m so tired that I didn’t really wake up until 10:45…and I started work at 7am.  I’ve drank an entire pot of coffee by myself.  And I’m still drinking it now.  Normally by this time of day, I’m finishing up my 11k steps for the day but today, I’m not even at 40%.  And the last time I had a full rest day with no gym at all was almost 2 weeks ago.

I think it’s time to pull the plug and take a full rest day.  Hello Tuesday rest day.  Not nearly as fun as Sunday Run day but it’ll do pig, it’ll do.

Wear Your KT Tape to Work Day

Yesterday was wear your KT Tape to work day.  Did you wear yours?  Mine was the ever fashionable KT Pro in Pink, applied last Wednesday.  As a side note, I’d like to say that yes I did wear shoes work and yes I walk around my office without them all the time.  I will blame my hippy mother for that one.  I’d also like to note those muscley calves.  Wooo baby!



Running Recap…

Photo Collage Maker_r6dTgf

Typed a whole lovely post this morning and poof, gone.  Grrrr.  So here it is in a nutshell since I don’t have the patience to do it all over again.

Weekly Workout Recap:

Monday:  5.48 miles at 11:19 pace

Tuesday:  62 minute walk on the treadmill at various inclines

Wednesday:  5.58 miles at 11:07 pace

Thursday:  62 minute walk on the treadmill at various inclines

Friday:  5.69 Miles at 10:54 pace

Saturday:  62 minute walk on the treadmill at various inclines

Sunday:  5.58 miles at 11:07 pace


Happy Dance

I looked just like this, wild hair, tutu…no boots but you get the idea. Running an 11 minute mile is nothing amazing or out of this world or record shattering for most people but for me and my recovery this is awesome!!

I’m so Happy!


So happy!  This was me just way, way more sweaty after my run yesterday.

New Shoes

Sorry for the slighty blurry pic but I took my new Mizuno Wave sayonara’s to the gym yesterday.  My pink ones are starting to die a slow death from mileage and I’ve been hording these in my closet for about a month.  Got them for a killer deal, 50% off!  Heck yes.  I love my new shoes but according to Hubby they’re “super bright.”  But I don’t care.  So happy #1, new shoes.

08-18-2014 1

#2 happy, 11:19 for 5 miles.  The times are coming down, my pain is going down.  I’m so happy.  I was really worried that running might be something that I’d have to give up forever.  I’m really looking forward to getting out of the gym and back outside.

Workout recap for last week: 

Monday:  Walk on the treadmill 62 minutes varying incline

Tuesday:  Run 5.22 miles at 11:53 pace

Wednesday:  Rest day, no workout of any kind

Thursday:  Run 5.20 miles at 11:55 pace

Friday:  Walk on the treadmill 62 minutes varying incline

Saturday:  Run 5.35 miles at 11:35 pace

Sunday:  Walk on the treadmill 62 minutes at varying incline.

Weather is Weird & Success in the Gym

They talk about the drought every day on the news. “California is in a drought.” “Worst drought in years.” “We have no water.” “Agh, the apocalypse!!!” Ok, maybe not the last one but incase you haven’t heard and are living under a rock somewhere (congrats on your ability to get internet under that rock), California is in a drought and it’s really bad. Last winter it almost rained zero days.  Honestly, it’s a bit scary.

But my question is this, what’s up with our funky weather?  It’s extremely humid, not Alabama in the summer humid but for California, it’s freaking humid!  Even indoors, it’s humid.  And we’ve had sprinkles of rain several times a week for about the last month.  It rains just enough to mess up your windshield but not enough to even knock down the dust.  Annoying.  Stupid weather gets your hopes up and the laughs.  Mean.

Of course in typical California tradition, we’ve had lots of fires and So Cal has even had a heavy rain and then a mudslide.  But in northern Cal…dry yet wet.  Figure that one out.  Stupid weather.

08-04-14 Workout Summary

I was back in the gym yesterday for the 5th day in a row!  Go me.  Ran my intervals as planned.  Started with a 5 minute warm up walk, then a 1:1 run at about a 10 minute mile.  Then a 2:1 run at about a 10:20 mile and finally a 3:1 run at about an 11 minute mile.  The first set felt really good and I was thrilled to be running at a 10min/mile pace.  But as the set progressed and I got tired & my ability to keep up the pace waned.  But all in all I was really happy with the set.

The groin pull is definitely getting better and I can see progress over just a few weeks ago when I joined the gym.  It was good decision to get off the pavement and on to the softer treadmill surface despite the cost of having to pay for the gym, which I hate.  Running has always been a mostly free activity for me(not counting the cost of shoes, race entries, fun clothes, Garmin’s, Bluetooth headsets, etc.  Runners know what I mean).

This morning my right hip was sore and I think it’s from compensating for the injury on the left side.  But a 800 milligram ibuprofen took are of it.  I know that sounds like a lot but it’s doctor prescribed so I’m ok.

08-04-14 FitBit

I’m feel really good in addition to such a great workout yesterday because I’m off to a great start on my week with my FitBit.  Got double my steps in yesterday and managed to stay on track with my food.  I put on a little weight while I wasn’t running for two months and I can’t seem to get rid of it.  So I’m mostly just trying to be aware of what I’m putting in vs. taking out.

It’s going to take some time to take that weight back off but I’m ok with that.  Good things come to those who work their butts off for it.


The Gym or My Place of Salvation…

I have gone to the gym every day this month! Yes, I know that today’s only the 4th but still. Every day.  And I haven’t gone today because I go after work but I’m going to go…See?  Every day.

08-03-14 Gym

Yesterday I walked on the treadmill.  No running but I am taking full advantage of the incline to get my heart rate up and really get a good workout in.  My groin pull is feeling better with only the occasional twinge while walking. Running is another story but there is progress even if it’s slow.

I’m planning to hit the gym again today after work.  The plan is intervals.  Before I left for my mini vacation a couple of weeks ago, I was working on a 1:1, 2:1 & 3:1 interval plan.  I’ve been using KT Tape to help support the injury and feel like it’s working, even if it’s just psychological.  So the plan for todays workout is the same; 1:1, 2:1 & 3:1 intervals.  It starts with 5 minutes running with 5 recovery and works up to 15 running with 5 recovery.

My mile times are high; in the 11 to 12 minute range.  It’s hard to deal with such “high” times.  When I injured myself I was running 9:40’s at race pace and feeling awesome.  The day that I got hurt, I felt like I could run forever.  Sometimes I have to remind myself that I am recovering from an injury and it takes time.  The point is to get stronger and not make my injury worse.

08-03-14 Buster

Just for fun, a picture of Buster wearing my sparkly headband.  He can really pull off this look, don’t you think?

I Joined a Gym…

Anytime Fitness

I joined a gym yesterday. I belonged to a crossfit gym for about 6 months late last year and into February this year but gave it up when I started to get serious about my running again.  But with the groin pull, I’m having a very hard time getting back to my running.  I can only run about a mile right now and it’s a pretty slow one.

My work is about 2.5 miles from my house and I drive past the Anytime Fitness every day.  It’s less than a mile from my house and I could easily walk or run it.  But the motivation behind joining the gym is the treadmills and the ellipticals.  I’m really hoping that running on the mill will be easier for my leg.

The price wasn’t bad, but wasn’t awesome cheap either.  I joined only for 3 months with the thought process that it’s hotter than the sun here right now, so I need to get through the summer months and then I can hit the streets again.  For 3 months I paid $135, plus a $50 activation fee for the key fob that allows you 24 hour access.  I wasn’t thrilled about the $50 activation fee but I guess that motivates people to not lose their fob.

It has been years and years since I ran on a mill.  I had one at home for a very long time but gave it away when I discovered the joy of running outside (another reason to not join for more than 3 months).  I’m not sure I can handle more than 3 month of running on the mill.

I’m not really planning on using the weights all that much but I might.  I don’t want to rule it out.  I really need a personal trainer to work with me if I’m going to be doing weights because I don’t have a clue how to use a lot of those machines.  Fingers crossed that I don’t kill myself.


I once had a free pass to use a very fancy gym where I used to live in Napa.  Of course I head straight to the treadmills.  I hope on, I’m running everything is going fine and then, I step half on the belt and half on the edge of the mill, you know, that part that the belt is running over but it isn’t moving?  Yeah.  I basically flew off the mill and landed in a heap in front of the machine that was behind me.  I didn’t get hurt but it was so embarrassing.  The staff comes running over, making a huge fuss.  Oh pride, sometimes you come after a fall.

Pros for joining a gym:

This one doesn’t seem to be very busy during the time I would be using it.  (4am to 5am and/or 3:30pm to 5pm)

Bathrooms, clean and they have a shower

A girl only area for stretching and using yoga mats

24 hour access even when the gym isn’t staffed


Cons for joining a gym:

I have to pay for what I used to do for free outside or at home

Dealing with other people – Known introvert over here (this should not be news to my family and friends)

The very real possibility of making a fool of myself in public…but really that’s anytime, anywhere.


What’s your worst gym confession?