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Friday 5…

5 things I’m loving today…

1.  Coffee because…coffee.  I  need it.


2.  Bluetooth Headphones.  Love these little suckers, can’t get through a run on the treadmill without them.

JayBird BlueBuds X

3.  My Fitbit, helping me take off the pounds I gained while injured by encouraging me to stay active during the day.

Fit Bit

4.  Working hard and being able to see the results as my interval times come down and the distance I’m running going up.  It’s still a run walk but it’s becoming more and more of a run and less of a walk.


5.  And last but not least, these guys.


What are your Friday 5?



I’m so Happy!


So happy!  This was me just way, way more sweaty after my run yesterday.

New Shoes

Sorry for the slighty blurry pic but I took my new Mizuno Wave sayonara’s to the gym yesterday.  My pink ones are starting to die a slow death from mileage and I’ve been hording these in my closet for about a month.  Got them for a killer deal, 50% off!  Heck yes.  I love my new shoes but according to Hubby they’re “super bright.”  But I don’t care.  So happy #1, new shoes.

08-18-2014 1

#2 happy, 11:19 for 5 miles.  The times are coming down, my pain is going down.  I’m so happy.  I was really worried that running might be something that I’d have to give up forever.  I’m really looking forward to getting out of the gym and back outside.

Workout recap for last week: 

Monday:  Walk on the treadmill 62 minutes varying incline

Tuesday:  Run 5.22 miles at 11:53 pace

Wednesday:  Rest day, no workout of any kind

Thursday:  Run 5.20 miles at 11:55 pace

Friday:  Walk on the treadmill 62 minutes varying incline

Saturday:  Run 5.35 miles at 11:35 pace

Sunday:  Walk on the treadmill 62 minutes at varying incline.

Yesterday after work was so beautiful here. Due to all the road closures around here, my new commute is twice as long but takes me down some lovely rural roads. The fields are still green and with temps in the low 80’s, driving with the windows down was a must.

I got home a few minutes before my sweetie and headed out to the back yard with the dogs to enjoy the sunshine and play a little ball.  When Hubby got home this happened.


Yep, dogs were used as pillows and naps were had in the grass.  Not real naps but some serious relaxing.  We sat out there long enough to justify ordering a pizza for dinner and for me to get a little sunburn on my arms.  Some how I always manage to forget that I’m fair-skinned.

I have to admit that I’ve been a bit disappointed by my morning runs since I switched over last Friday from 5:30pm runs to 4am runs.  My average pace as been slower in the AM then they were in PM.  But this morning, I think I finally found my AM run groove…despite the fact that my JayBirds ran out of power this morning on mile 4.  Thank goodness, it was a 5 mile run so I powered through the last mile without them.

04-16-14 Run

My first mile is always in the 10:30 range, always.  It’s my warm up mile.  No need to go out to fast and pull up lame.  That would not be good.  Seeing those 9’s pop up on my Garmin this morning was such a good feeling.  They’re not grossly fast for me but a good pace.  One I’d like to see repeated at my next half in May.  Or at the Capital City Classic which is coming up in a week and a half.

Speaking of the Capital City Classic (CCC), I’ve been kind of apprehensive about this race due to how bad my last one was.  I seriously thought about a DNF but I’m glad I didn’t.  For CCC, I opted for the 10 mile version of the race (they offer a 2.62 mile, 5k, 10k & 10 mile run).  It fits well into my training plan for Avenue of the Vines but has a couple of fairly serious hills on the course.  I’ve run them before in races a few years ago but this will be the first time this year.  Since my area doesn’t have a lot of hills (flat farming country), I’ve been going over to the new overpass on the south side of town on my long runs to incorporate it as a hill on my long runs.  It’s a long hill but not all that steep, similar to the ones I’ll face at CCC.  I’ve been operating under the theory, slow if you must but don’t stop for hills.  It worked at Modesto, and it’s worked on my long runs and I’m hoping that it will work again for CCC.

Tower BridgeI Street Bridge

I am looking forward to running two of Sacramento’s iconic bridges, Tower Bridge & I Street Bridge.  Both bridges are life lines between downtown Sacramento and West Sacramento.  Tower Bridge leads from Raley Field, home of the AAA baseball team, The River Cats into downtown.  I Street bridge is not as fancy or as celebrated at Tower Bridge but it beautiful in its own way.

ccc-2013-10K-10m-Map  Most of the course is run in West Sacramento which will be fun because I’ve never explored much of that area, unless you count going to Ikea.  I really enjoy when a race course goes through areas that I don’t know.  It’s like sight-seeing instead of racing and keeps my mind off the race.

I’m really looking forward to this race.  Not as long as a Half but not so short that it’s over in a blink.  Fingers crossed for a fast fun race.

What race are you looking forward to?

Do you like to “sight-see” while you race?  Or are you more of a focused runner?

I Don’t Ask for Much…

Why are there no medals given out for just getting your butt up and out of bed at 4am?  There should be.  There should be a course support and a bicycle guy like you’re the leader in a race.  And there should be someone to take your headphones when the battery runs out half way through and to hand you a second set so you can keep the jams going.  The roads should be closed so some jerk doesn’t run a stop sign while making a right hand turn while never looking to the right (thank god I saw his headlights and knew he wasn’t going to stop).  And a cheering crowd would have been lovely as I finished my run.  I don’t think I’m asking for too much.

Yes, all of these things would be nice but there was none of that.  Mile 1, I got a low battery warning from my JayBirds.  Mile 2, they quit.  Mile 3, was the stop sign runner.  Mile 4, I was out of time.  I’d planned for a 5 mile run but due to getting out the door 5 minutes later than planned, I was only able to squeeze in 4 miles before it was 5am and I needed to be in the shower.

So here’s what I learned from this mornings run:

1.  Get up at 3:45, not 4 to have enough time to get in 5 miles
2.  Charge the headphones.
3.  Switch running route around the neighborhood to go the other direction.  That way you only have to cross the street, 3 times per lap.
4.  Find out where the stop sign runner lives and egg his house (not really)

Run 04-11-14

My time was slower than my normal afternoon runs but it was my first time getting up early to run.  Any run is a good run but if you feel great while doing it regardless of time, it’s an awesome run.  This mornings run was an awesome run.  I knew it was slow but it felt great to run.

After Running of the Elks last Sunday went so awfully, I was afraid the the runs where I feel great were gone forever.  Wednesdays run was not good either due to the heat and I was really worried that I might have pushed myself to far.  Despite the early hour of this mornings run, the love was back.

Now the question is whether or not I can stay awake for the rest of the day at work.

What’s your favorite time of day to run?

Do you ever feel like the love is gone only to recapture it ?