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Weekly Running Recap, May 18 – 24

Weekly Recap - May 18 - 24 1

It’s weekly running report time!  Last week was my most productive running week so far this year.  Almost 20 miles baby!  And it didn’t hurt a bit.

Weekly Recap - May 18 - 24 2


Ran in Elk Grove.  I had to take Maggie to the groomers to get a summer cut and while she was being pampered I ran the trail system from behind the groomers down to the new pedestrian over crossing and did 6 sets of hill repeats.  I wanted to do 10 but since I had to run about a mile and a half back to the groomers I thought it would be smart to not kill myself.  I’m looking forward to doing this workout again.


I was supposed to run on Wednesday but the winds were really blowing so I postponed to Thursday morning.  I’m super glad I did.  Set a new PR for myself in the 5k.  I also learned that I don’t really enjoy running in the dark anymore.  I’m such a chicken.


Postponed Friday’s run to Saturday.  I did the math and realized that I wasn’t going to have enough miles to reach my goal of 50 miles for the month of May so I doubled the mileage to 4 miles.  It was a bit of a slog to get it done but I’m super happy with the pace.  I like that Sub-10’s are starting to feel easy.

I also got a reminder of running safety on Saturday morning.  I’m sure it was just my suspicious nature running in over drive but I had a guy drive past me twice in a couple of blocks on Saturday morning.  It wouldn’t have been weird but I had turned off the main road on to a side road when he came back by going in basically the same direction he was originally going in so he must have circled back to get a second look and he waved at me.  I did not know this guy and had never seen his truck before.  And then he passed me again on a different road about a quarter of a mile later.  It really made me nervous.  I had my phone out ready to call 911 or my husband to come get me.  It was really uncomfortable.  Thankfully nothing happened and I didn’t see him again after that but being safe and staying safe is something had we can forget about when we run our regular routes.  I have a Road ID that I wear and I use the Road ID app when I run.  The ID is great in case I can’t speak for myself.  But the app is awesome because it allows my family to check on my run in real-time and sends an alert if I stop moving.  If you’re not using at least one of these, please consider it.  *I’m not a paid spokesperson and this opinion is my and mine alone.  I was not compensated in any way by Road ID.


Long run day.  Scheduled 5 but ran 6.  I’m really shooting for a 50 mile month and this put it within my reach.

A full week of runs all with the average pace of less than a 10 minute mile.  I’m loving this!  And I’m working my butt off for it too.  I took a nap everyday over the weekend and actually took 2 on Saturday.  But I’m also feeling the effects of not being on point with my diet last week too.  I did great every day while I was at work but after work it fell apart every day.  Not sure why I’m struggling so much after several months of having no problem but I suspect that the problem is not meal planning or food prepping so I can grab something when I’m ready to eat.  With the holiday and having to take an extra day off this week to help Hubby after a medical procedure, I have a feeling that I’m not going to be doing great this week either.  But I’m going to do my best to make good choices and when I don’t or can’t, I’m going to start again and keep trying.

Zion 2016

Zion Accptance

But in other awesome news!  I’m in for Zion 2016!  I’m sooooooo excited about this race.  It’s still 10 months away but I can’t wait.  This will be Hubby and I’s vacation next year.  We’re planning to spend a week in Zion following the race with a possible 2nd week in Moab.  I’ve been to Utah before but not in years and the last time I was there I was there for work and didn’t get to do any sight-seeing at all.  Plus I love to Travel with Hubby.  He’s so fun and up for whatever I throw at him.  I really want to try for the trifecta after the race but will wait to see how I’m do after the race.

I’m considering picking up a couple of Pace Bands to help me reach my goal this year to set a new Half Marathon PR.  My PR from last year is 2:18:59.  I’d like to break 2:15 or at least set a new PR.  I’m only running one half marathon this year so I only have one chance to make this happen.  Pace Bands come in a bunch of different paces for 5k, 10k, Half and Full Marathons and since I seem to spend a lot of time trying to calculate where I’m at and fail miserably, I thought this might be a good way to keep an eye on it without having to do math…which I suck at when running and trying to do it in my head.

I’m thinking I might pick up the Half 2:15 and Half 2:12:30 in case I beat the 2:15 at Folsom this fall and am looking to PR in Zion.  A PR in Zion would be awesome but since the race is entirely uphill, I’m not holding my breath.   The gain looks impressive in the elevation map but it’s really like 2 feet of gain for every 100 yards which is why I’m trying to incorporate more hill work into my training now.  And eventually some training at elevation because I currently live at like 47 feet above see level and the Zion starts at 3484 feet and ends at 3886 feet above sea level.  Fingers crossed for some training runs in Tahoe!  Plus Tahoe!  Yeah!

Have you ever used a Pace Band?

Have you ever trained at an elevation you’re not used to?