Friday, the best day of the week!

It’s finally Friday.  I’ve been waiting all week for it and it’s finally here.  I was recently able to restructure my job so that there is a more fair equitable division of work between me and my coworker.  She was doing the bulk of the work leaving me with not a lot to do day-to-day and it was driving me crazy.  But this week is graduation week and it’s always a little hectic at the beginning of the week but by Friday, it’s slow as the Academy shuts down for the day.  However that shut down doesn’t affect us.  We’re still here plugging away at our work.

But I’m stoked for this Friday because I’m racing this weekend!  Tomorrow is packet pick up day for the Fair Oaks Sun Run and I’m super juiced about it.

Fair Oaks Sun Run

My goal for this week has been to “Embrace the Suck!”  And I have been.  It’s usually my MO to avoid running when it’s hot or when the wind blows but not this week.  This week I’ve been running in the heat and the wind and I’ve been enjoying the heck out of it!  I’m running faster and sweating more!  But I don’t care, I’m just embracing whatever the weather throws at me.  I’m hoping Sunday morning will dawn cool but if it doesn’t, I’m going to embrace that too and run my race.  Hot temps or hills, they can’t get me down!

Zion 2016

I’m currently waiting for the Zion Half to open for registration for 2016 and it’s what is prompting my new “Embrace the Suck” for this year.   Let me name all the things that are wrong with this half:

  • Up hill
  • Altitude
  • Windy
  • Dry

These are all things I don’t want for a half but I am doing this one and I’m super stoked about it.  So I’m embracing the suck.  It’s all good attitude, all the time.  You want me run hills?  Ok.  You want me to run in wind?  Ok.  I’m cool with heat, rain, wind and cold temperatures.  I’m cool with whatever mother nature wants to throw at me this year.  It’s all just one step away from running this race.  (*disclaimer:  This attitude may or may not last for the next 11 months.  participant may or may not have had a mental break down.  Approach with extreme caution.)  I’m also super juiced for the 2 week vacation in Utah that will precede and post-ceed (I don’t think that’s a word) this race.


Have you ever run a destination race?

Got any advice?  I’ve never done one.



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