Friday 5 – Favorite Winter Activities

It’s Friday again (thank goodness) and if you’re having a week like I’m having you’re super glad it’s Friday.  The drama, the drama.  Work has been extra crazy this week.  I’ve been training a new girl and she’s awesome but it seems that the change-up in activity in my area has brought out the worst in some of my other coworkers.  Yikes.

Friday is Friday 5 link up time with Courtney at Eat Run Pray DC, Cynthia at You Signed Up for What and Mar at Mar on the Run.  If you’re not reading these blogs, you should be.  This weeks theme is Favorite Winter Activities.  My top 5 (in no particular order) are:

1.  Snow shoeing…The last few years due to the drought in California I haven’t had much of a chance to do any snow shoeing.  Fingers crossed for this year.

snow shoeing

2.  Snow wheeling…My sweetie is right in the middle of building a new Jeep just for this purpose (and some rock crawling in the summer).  I haven’t been able to go the last few years but I’m hoping this year we’ll have a chance if he finishes the Jeep in time.

Snow Wheeling

3.  Running…It’s California.  Even in winter our weather is pretty mild here and running is a year round sport.  If it’s windy I stay home but rain doesn’t bother me.  I figure I’m going to get sweaty anyway so I may as well run.


4.  Knitting…when the weather get’s too cold or too windy, I like to settle in with a couple of cute dogs on my lap, a cup of coffee and knit.  I don’t think it should come as a surprise to anyone that I’m an old lady.  I freely admit it.  I go to bed at 9pm and I like knitting.  Whatever.


5.  Football…I know it’s really more of a fall thing but with college play offs going on in the new year, I’m looking forward to it.  The rivalries have been intense this year and I can’t wait to see what’s going to happen at the bowl games.  *cough* GO Bama!

College Football Playoffs


What are your favorite winter activities?


8 thoughts on “Friday 5 – Favorite Winter Activities

  1. I really want to give snowshoeing a go this year. It has been on the winter activities to try list for a while. I’m wondering if I can pack baby up and take him on the trails with me, guess we will find out this winter!

  2. I’ve only been snowshoeing once, but it was a lot of fun! And a lot of work! I’d love to get to go again. Sounds like you have a fun winter planned!

    1. I’m trying to finish up my Galloway Pull Over by Kerin Dimeler-Laurence. My mom gave me the yarn in February and I’m still trying to finish it up. I already finished the body and one sleeve. I’m almost done with the second sleeve and once that’s done I have to do the collar. I’m hoping to have it done before Christmas and if that doesn’t happen, new years.

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