My most recent race was on November 22 and it did not go well…not at all.  Despite the amazing California weather we’d been having that Saturday dawned cold, rainy and very windy.  I don’t know what the wind speed was but it was enough to rock my car while I was on my way to the race.  It took me over 2 and half hours to finish but I did finish.  I thought several times about just giving up (ususally while running with a headwind).  It was horrible.  Enough said.

This is the face of someone who is very miserable in the first couple of miles.
This is the face of someone who is very miserable in the first couple of miles.

I’ve sat at home and thought about what I wanted to say about this race and other than saying that it was horrible, I couldn’t come up with a single positive thing about it.  I didn’t like the course, I hated that the pacers weren’t marked as to what pace they were running and I hated the weather.  It just wasn’t a good race.  The only up I could think of was that I didn’t quit and I finished.

I'm only smiling becuase I'm done and my mom is stading right at the end of the chute.
I’m only smiling becuase I’m done and my mom is standing right at the end of the chute.

So now I’m without a training plan and no race in sight.  This race was so horrible that I’ve been considering whether or not I want to run half marathons at all anymore.  Not to mention the injuries.  Pulled groin, shin splints and weird aches and pains.  It’s been a hell of year.

For the month of December I will not have a training plan.  I’m running what I want when I want.  It’s December 5th and I’ve only run 7 miles this month.  My shins are still bothering me and I really want to take some time off from running to heal without taking any real time off.  For now it’s a wait and see type thing.


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  1. I highly recommend taking some time off. I took two week of from all exercise after my half it was much needed mentally and physically. It’s said that a fit runner can take 2 weeks off without much loss of fitness, even without cross training. If your shins are bothering you, give them a break! Or at least just get on the bike for a week or two so they can heal 🙂

  2. My best half so far is 2:20. I was pleased with that even though I walked much of it. Now I’m nursing a sore hamstring after running a full and a half within a month of each other. So far in December I’ve only done 11 miles; normally I would be more than double that. I’m thinking of just poking around for the rest of the month to rest and then hit 2015 with more vigor.

  3. The positive and only thing that counts is that you finished, many people never start. Proud of you!!! Sometimes, it just needs to be for the love of the run, no training, no plans…just the enjoyment and that is O.K.

  4. CONGRATULATIONS on finishing. Sometimes, when napping next to mile marker 4 sounds better than taking one more step, never giving up and finishing is accomplishment enough.

  5. Yep. I’d had quite a few races like this, especially this year. It’s a funk and it will pass. You’ll feel better once you step back and recharge. Be proud you finished this race. It is a huge accomplishment. Don’t discount that. RTR!!

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