Weekly Training Recap – 11/03 through 11/09/2014

What a crazy week.  I finally got a new girl in my department at work after about 6 months of it being just me and training takes up a lot of my time.  Monday was her first day and I talked so much that it felt like I was swallowing glass every time I swallowed.  It was a crazy day.

My training is coming a long and we’re about a week and a half out from the 2014 Davis Turkey Trot.  My shin splints are not healing as well as I’d hoped but forward progress has been made in that area.  Due to the splints, I’m thinking that my hopes of a new PR is not going to happen.  I’m ok with that.  I PR’ed once this year and a second time would be totally awesome but if it doesn’t happen, it will give me some thing to shoot for next time.

Weekly Recap 11/03 – 11/09/2014

Weekly Recap - 11-3 - 11-9

I got my first ever 12 mile run last week.  Sure I’ve run multiple half marathons but I’ve never run a 12 miler before.  So instant PR!  Go me!  lol  I really enjoyed my run until I had to juke around a dead snake again.  Shouldn’t snakes be hibernating instead of hanging out in the middle of streets to get run over?  Sneaky little bastards just lay there all dead and shit waiting to freak me out.  Ugh!  Gives me the worst willies!  Gross.

My mileage was pretty low compared to the average week last month but it felt really great to be out running after being sick.  Thankfully, other than the shin splints, I’m feeling back to normal on that front.

Anyone else have a half marathon or marathon this month?


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