Friday 5…

It’s Friday again and that can mean only one thing…Friday 5 link up with Courtney at Eat Run Pray DC, Cynthia at You Signed Up for What and Mar at Mar on the Run for the weekly link-up.  If you haven’t checked out these ladies blogs yet, you totally should.  They are fun, feisty and not afraid to call it like they see it.

This week’s Friday Five Theme: Five Favorite Fuels (for running or other fitness activities)

1.  I’ll be honest, I don’t get a chance to eat before my long runs and my stomach can be really sensitive about what I put in it pre-run.  I’m talking about heartburn so bad that it feels like my head is going to melt off (Thank God for Tums).  Race days I get up extra early to have breakfast but training days…I Gu (or some brand there of).  I prefer chocolate, coffee, salted caramel and tri-berry flavors.  Vanilla is a no go.  And I can only eat the stuff if I don’t look at it, otherwise it turns my stomach.


2.  During a run, Gu and water.  I’ve been hearing a lot about people who eat things like gummy bears, Skittles, etc. but I’ve found that I can’t run and chew.  My nose doesn’t work as good as it should so chewing and breathing don’t always work well together.  During exercise I’m a mouth breather.  It’s not pretty but it’s better than not breathing.

3.  If I have time to pre-game my run, one of my favorites is almond butter and honey.  A little protein, a little sugar and zoom!


  1. Another favorite is greek yogurt and berries.  You might not be able to tell but there’s yogurt under all those berries.


5.  Post run I love chocolate soy milk and a banana or chocolate soy milk and almond butter and honey.  Heaven forbid if I don’t eat shortly after I run.  If I don’t eat I become like Godzilla stomping around the city…talk about cranky.


6.  I know it’s Friday 5 but I have one more that I can’t live without…coffee.  Gotta have it.  Pre-run, post run, it’s all good.

What are your five favorite ways to fuel for your favorite activities?



17 thoughts on “Friday 5…

    1. I just picked up some of the Stinger gummies yesterday for pre-run. I haven’t tried them yet. Fingers crossed they will work well. But I’m sticking to Gu just for the fact that I don’t have to chew. I love the Jelly Belly Sport Beans too but again, chewing and running isn’t for me.

  1. I have to admit that I feel lucky that as of yet I haven’t had fueling issues, but I know of a lot of folks who just can’t stomach food pre-long run, and do just as you do! I agree with you about the almond butter, and greek yogurt with fruit! I have been big into smoothies with vegan protein powder, spinach, chia seeds, lots of fruit and a touch of coconut milk.

    1. My office mate and I were just talking about Chia Seeds this morning. He’s a runner too and loves the chia seeds but I haven’t tried it. After hearing about it this morning, I’m going to give it a go. The heath benefits sound amazing. I’m all about nutritionally dense foods.

  2. Your post reminded me that last winter I would make hot cocoa w/ chocolate soy milk for after a chilly run, and now I’m excited for that again! Sometimes that was the only thing that got me out the door and into the frigid temps.

  3. LOVE!!! Great post!! Love your Friday faves!! 😉 😉 I love fueling with chocolate milk, Starbucks pumpkin iced coffees, Clif Bloks, Protein Milkshake Bar protein powder, and Clif Shots electrolyte powder!! Have a great weekend!! xoxoxo

  4. It is really interesting to see how others fuel. Before a run, cereal really fills me up and gives me energy without making me feel too full. Special K protein plus and Shredded Wheat are my favorites. If I am doing a long trail run, I like to eat PBJ. Then after a run, if I’m not hungry, I will drink milk with some protein/carb powder mixed in. If I am hungry, I will just eat whatever meal is next.

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