Up and At’em…

Normally, I don’t run on Thursday.  It’s my day to catch up on chores or take a nap after work instead of going to the gym.  But due to Sunday’s unscheduled rest day, I decided to at least try to drag myself out of bed at the ungodly hour of 4am to get a run in.  While I didn’t make it at 4am I did make it out of bed at 4:10, so win for me.

I didn’t want to press my luck with running too many miles on a day I don’t normally run, so I decided a quick 2 miles was good enough.


I figured this was a good opportunity to run outside since “it’s not hot”.  It was 64 this morning.  After running for the last two months in the gym with a fan blowing on me, 64 felt incredibly hot.  I’m pretty sure that I sweated gallons.

I really wanted to try to push myself for this run.  I wanted to try to bring down the mile times to a more reasonable 10 min/mile.  Never judge a run by the first mile and this run was no exception to that rule.  I came in a 10:26/mile.  Still a huge improvement over my last run per mile.  But still not where I’d like to see that time.  Mile 2 finished at 9:56/mile.  Super happy with that.

Before I got injured running the Capital City Classic 10 Mile back at the end of April, I was running consistently (more or less) around the 9:40 mark.

Garcia Bend - Last Training Run
Splits from Last Training Run

My last training run before the Classic was along the levies by the Sacramento River in an area known as The Pocket in Sacramento.  I was on track to be the fastest I’ve ever been (excludes middle school P.E.) and I really want to get back there.  My goal race pace for a half marathon is 10 min/mile or better.  At this point it’s going to take some doing to get back to this pace, but I’m willing to put in the time and effort to do it.

Do you have a goal race pace that you’d like to achieve?


2 thoughts on “Up and At’em…

  1. It’s so easy to get discouraged about pace… I am constantly trying to tell myself that it’s OK to be slow! I would LOVE to be running closer to where you are running. right now I’m getting back into running after a rough couple of transition weeks, and am currently soooo slow. My 5k PR was about 9:30 average/mile, which I was happy with, but I would love to chip away at that even more! I’m training for my first ever half marathon (I’m a somewhat new runner) and now would just like to survive the race, LOL!

    1. Congratulations on the up coming half! How exciting! Pace is a funny thing. I remember a time when my current pace would have thrilled me but I feel like as I’m getting older I’m getting faster. I think it’s because I’m more willing to put the work into it. Time will tell.

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