It’s Official…

Davis Turkey Trot - It's Official

It’s official, I signed up and paid my money and I’m in for the 2014 Davis Turkey Trot.  I’m running the Half (of course) and I’m feeling pretty nervous/excited about it.  My training plan is in place and I think it’s solid.  As long as I keep working at it I think my groin is going to be just fine.

Davis Turkey Trot Course

The course looks pretty interesting and part of it is run along the same paths as the Lucky Run that I did earlier this year.  I admit, there is comfort in knowing what lies ahead but most of this course will be unknown to me as Davis isn’t an area I run unless I’m participating in a race.


I’m really looking forward to getting more long runs under my belt again.  I’ve missed them.  2 hours of no phone, no social media, no tv was so wonderful.  I love the solitude of it all.  My long run this week will only be 6 miles but it’s an hour all to myself.  I don’t have to worry about bills or what to cook for dinner, it’s all about me.  And I can’t wait.

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