Friday Five Link Up…

It’s Friday Five Link Up with Cynthia at You Signed Up for What, Courtney at Eat Pray Run DC and Mar at Mar on the Run.  This weeks Friday 5 is Blogs that you love.  I’m a huge reader of running blogs.  I love to know what others are doing and they are often a good source of information on the latest products and fun running tips.

Here’s 5 of my favorite running blogs in no particular order:

  1. Let’s go Running and Running will be Awesome
  2. Run Away with Me
  3. Skinny Chick Blog
  4. The Blonder Side of Life
  5. The Girl Who Ran Everywhere

All of these ladies pretty much tell it like it is.  They talk about their training, their injuries and their lives in general.  The things I love about blogs so much is the fact that these are real people, from different walks of life and different areas of the country.  It’s not a cookie cutter article written for a magazine.

Who are your favorite running bloggers?


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