It was a weird day…

Yesterday was a weird day.  I went to work as normal, started my day, took my breaks, ate lunch…the normal stuff.  But I had to leave early to take hubby to the doctor’s office to have an upper GI done.  Since they knock you out for this, he needed a driver so my main job was to hang out in the waiting room and then drive him home.  No biggie – for me.  But since his appointment was at 3:30 it meant that I had to get my run in before.

I left work at 1:30 to head to the gym.  It was so weird being there during the day like that.  I felt like the only people in the gym at that time of day are people without jobs.  Or as my hubby pointed out, people who work nights, shift work…ok I get it.  Plus it might have been people who were working out on their lunch breaks.  Judgement rescinded.  Thanks dear.

But that’s not the weird part and I totally regret not getting a picture of it but while I was at the gym working out, the local PD was putting the Rite Aid in lock down.  I don’t know what was going on but I suspect by the show of local law enforcement that they may have gotten robbed because there were a lot of cops and they had the parking lot shut off.  I’d noticed a lot of cops in the parking lot was I was on the treadmill but I didn’t realize that it was like that until I was leaving.  Fortunately the Rite Aid is at the other end of the parking lot and I was able to leave no problem but man howdy, there were a lot of cops there.  I’m pretty sure it was all of the local PD and a few state cops also.  I really need a police scanner.

09-03-14 Sub 30 5k

Since my time for working out yesterday was under a serious time restriction, I somehow managed to pull out a sub-30 5k.  I’m pretty sure I was jumping up and down.

Dreams do come true

What dreams have you been pursuing? – Sub-30 5k

Have any of your dreams come true lately? – Yep!  Sub-30 5k!

What’s your next dream?  – I don’t know, I never really thought I might be able to do this one.  But I guess it would be getting back to road running and completing a sub-30 5k on the road.


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