Intervals, Intervals and more Intervals…


My go to right now is intervals but I am starting to find that running for 10 minutes is not as hard as it was a month ago and my pace is always below 11 minutes/mile and mostly below a 10:30 in the run sections.

A couple of weeks ago I was really feeling discouraged and that this injury might be the end of my “career” as a runner.  Depressing thought.  But I’m glad that I’ve stuck with it because while progress is slow, I can see that progress.  And feel it.  I’m having a lot less pain when my foot strikes the ground.  And that pain isn’t sharp like it was before unless my leg moves to the outside and my body automatically tries to pull it back to the correct position.

Times going down & pain going down, heck yeah.  I’ll take it.

08-06-2014 - 1

Five miles last night at the gym.  I know that the average mile says 12:14 but that includes the walking sections after the run.  Another week or so of this and I might be ready to change it from 10 min run to 15 min run with 5 min walk in between.


I might not look it here but I’m really happy with how things are coming a long.  The hard part right now is admitting to myself that a fall half marathon isn’t going to happen.  I’d planned on running Folsom Blues Breakout on October 18th but I don’t think that’s realistic.  Right now, running a 5k isn’t realistic for me.

I’d also planned to run an 8 miler in September but I don’t think that’s realistic either.  While I’m optimistic about my recovery, I want to be real about this.  Running on the treadmill is considerably easier than running outside; no wind resistance, no waiting for lights to change, no pounding on hard black top, cement or dirt, air conditioning, etc.  But I can’t wait to get back outside.


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