And I Ran…

07-15-2014I didn’t run far per say, but it’s the furthest I’ve been able to run since the groin pull.  And let me say, it was great.  I’m pretty sure I grinned the whole time.  I had hoped for a good outcome and that I didn’t just throw away my money by joining the gym and it all came true.

Average page was:  11:27/mile
Distance:  2.51
Time:  30:00

It was very tempting to just keep going but I didn’t want to wear myself out or make my injury worse.  The point here is to heal, not kill myself.  Obviously the pace was considerably less than my normal pace but again, heal not kill.

The gym was empty when I got there yesterday afternoon, just me, another girl on the treadmill and a couple of guys lifting weights.  I ran for 30 minutes and then used the stretching area to ya know, stretch.  It was perfect.  I upped my speed a little at a time as I felt comfortable.  I still have pain but no where near but I was experiencing on the road.

It was a very odd experience for me since I’ve been an outside runner for so long.  But just being able to run for more than a mile was joyous, wonderful, awesome, freaking amazing! I’m so looking forward to my next run.


3 thoughts on “And I Ran…

  1. Looks like a success to me! Recovery running is so conflicting–but it’s those little victories that keep ya going! I, too, prefer outside running. Made worse by my little… treadmill “altercation” the other day…

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