And I Dreamed I was Running…

I dreamed I was running last night.

In my dreams

And it was one of those runs where it’s effortless.  And you’re smiling.  And you feel AMAZING!  Like this woman.  She’s running, she’s having a good time.  I look like the lady in blue to the right, a little jealous.  I was so happy when I first woke this morning after my dream and then it crashed home that I haven’t run a step in more than a month and I was sad again.

So what have I been doing…not running my half that I registered for on May 18th, Avenue of the Vines.  I did pick up my packet and at least get my shirt but I did the smart thing and didn’t run.  I wish I could but physically my leg isn’t up to it.  I am walking without a limp most days unless I’m really tired.  I have ridden my bike around the block…once.  But other than walking a bit, I’ve had no exercise and am missing running dearly.

I’ve stayed away from reading running blogs because it makes me sad.  I haven’t read my copy of Runners World.  And I just folded the load of running clothes that I washed right before the Capital City Classic where I pulled my groin.  I’m embarrassed to admit that I haven’t even washed the clothes I ran Capital City Classic in.  Gross.  I should do that.

Mentally, I’m so ready to run.  But physically, I’m not there yet.  My leg is still painful  but ever day is better.  I’m hopeful that when the sixth week rolls around, I will be ready to at least give it a go.  I miss running.

What do you do when you’re injured?

Any other hobbies to keep you busy?


12 thoughts on “And I Dreamed I was Running…

  1. I can’t even imagine what you are going through right now but I am sending get well soon vibes your way… The last time I was injured I believe I took up cross training… and drinking lol.. no but seriously, it was in college and I was forced to cross train and aqua jog ALL of the time…

    I love crafting and party planning…. I get sooo excited when a party comes up and I get to break out my handy dandy binder of ideas or when someone is having a baby and I get all craftalicious on the presentation and presents…lol,,, my birthday is coming up, it’s on a saturday, and I have nothing to do so I’m debating on planning a little something….

    hang in there… you’ll be out there running before you know it…. and the best part is, you wil be healthy!

  2. I got injured a month before my half and had to back out. My sports med doc told me I could do it if I took it easy, but I just knew my leg wasn’t up to it. Luckily I had a lot going on that weekend and (unluckily) I came down with bronchitis a few days later. Now I’m getting back into it & taking it easy, but even a short 2 miles feels like a great accomplishment after 6 weeks of not running!

  3. I am sending you the biggest hugs right now. I’m glad you are feeling at least a bit better and I have everything crossed that you will be back out there soon. When I couldn’t run I biked a lot and did a lot of yoga. I had to keep moving in some way or else I would have lost my mind. I am so looking forward to hearing all about your first post-injury run though. There is something so amazing about that first pain-free one! It’s coming soon for you!!

  4. Being injured sucks! Last year I was out for 6 weeks and took up swimming. I followed a 0 to mile plan so that I could feel like I’d accomplished something. Also, plenty of yoga and strengthening. I think you’re definitely allowed to wallow and feel sorry for yourself – I know I did. But take comfort in the fact that you are doing what’s best for your body in the long term. PS After I came back from injury I ran my half marathon PR! Good luck with recovery!

  5. Girl- I’ve been going through this and I know what you mean. It’s great to take breaks and don’t worry, you’ll get back on it soon when you’re ready! 🙂

  6. Ugh, hang in there. It is the worst feeling to want to run so badly, but physically can’t. Channel this all into motivation to push hard when you are back at it. It can be depressing to read anything associated with running while injured so I try to meditate and pick up a new book to read during the times of day I run. Hope you have a speedy recovery!

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