6 More Days…

6 more days until the Capital City Classic and I’m not feeling as confident as I’d like.  Some how I got sick over the weekend and was forced into taking two days off from running.  And that meant that I missed Sunday’s long run.  Obviously, I know that I can run 10 miles since I’ve run 2 half marathons all ready this year but I like that last long run to give me the confidence going into the race that I know I’ll complete it with my head held high.


However, with 2 extra rest days under my belt, I think I will be well rested for this race.  The goal for the rest of the week is to get my scheduled runs in and watch my nutrition.  I need to eat good food so on race day I have lots of energy.

CCC Weather

The weather is looking good or Sunday.  We were supposed to get a storm in today but it seems to have blown by us and headed up into the Sierra where it’s been snowing overnight.  I prefer cooler temps for racing.  The cooler the weather, the fast I run to keep warm.  It’s the universal law of freezing my butt off.

04-22-14 run

Normally Tuesday are not a scheduled run day for me but since I had the last two days forced rest, I wanted to get up this morning and run.  I intended to run 5 this morning but it was really windy and after 4, I was done.  It was a considerably slower run than my normal pace but I hadn’t eaten much over the weekend so I didn’t want to blow away all my energy.

04-22-14 Splits

It might have been a slow run this morning but on the upside, I did have negative splits.  There is something special about negative splits, especially when you’re racing.  The “plan” for Capital City Classic is to run more by effort than by pace but to be honest, it’ll be a combo of both.  I’m hoping to start with a 10:30 pace and work my way down.  I’d like to finish with my lap pace closer to 9/mile.  But the best laid plans are, at best, tentative.

I’m seriously thinking about utilizing race day packet pick up for the first time ever.  I always, always, always pick up my packet the day before the race.  That way I can plan my clothing and pre-pin my bib to my shirt.  I’m considering race day pick up because I’m extremely lazy and I don’t want to drive the 35 minutes to the Sports Authority where the packet pick up is located.  Lazy!

Do you pick up your packet before race day?

How do you come back from being sick?


19 thoughts on “6 More Days…

  1. Awww, I hope you’re feeling better!! Sorry to hear you’ve been sick!! I know you’ll do just fine!!! XOXO!!! Those few days won’t set you back!! You’re strong!

  2. I prefer packet pick up before race day, but can roll with the punches if necessary. It kind of annoys me when they don’t offer same day pick up.

    Healthy food, lots of rest, and drinking plenty of water help me get back on the wagon after being sick. Hope you are back to 100% by race day!

  3. I came down with a chest cold this weekend which sucks because I really wanted to focus on running more now that it’s getting nicer out. My last run was bad- 12+ min miles. I want to be down to at least 10+ min per mile by my 5K on 5/24! Ugh! I hope you feel better 🙂

  4. No worries, I’m sure you’ll do great on race day! I’m wondering – what you eat when you say you want to watch your nutrition the week before your race? Does this include more carbs than usual? I’m a week out from my race too (the Flower City Half), so I’m interested! xo Kelby

      1. Tell me about it… I have a killer sweet tooth too. Thank you, and good luck on your upcoming race!

  5. I prefer picking up the packet before race day. I hope you feel better soon. I know the week before the Disney Princess Half I was so paranoid about getting sick. My son had the flu and I told him to stay away from me for the entire week. 🙂

  6. You will do awesome! Sounds like you have a good plan… I prefer to pick up my packet before hand so mentally I’m all ready. But again, I’m relatively new to running so feeling prepared helps with all the jitter 🙂 good luck & have fun on your run!

    1. I’m with you. I really like to have it all together before the race. I want to pin and then readjust my bib about 15 times. Not to mention if I don’t have everything I always forget something, like my water bottle or my post race shoes. What I really need is a pre-race and post-race check list.

  7. Hope you feel better! You’re going to do great! I don’t do packet pick-up before unless its required. I actually like getting it on race morning- seems more fun & exciting to me! 🙂

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