AM Runs are not always Awesome…

04-18-14 Run 2

This mornings run, while completed in an acceptable amount of time with an acceptable pace, was not a great run. I give the following as evidence.

1.  Beginning of mile 2, decided that I needed to potty.  Thankfully it was only 2 blocks from the house.

2.  Mile 3, had to stop and wait for some guy to take 3 forevers to back out of his driveway.  When he finally saw me, he stopped blocking the sidewalk.  Grrr.

3.  Mile 4, some creep slowed way down to stare at me.  It’s dark, sir and you’re making me uncomfortable.

4.  Mile 5, my Garmin beeped low battery at me.  Thankfully it held out until I was done before dying completely.

04-18-14 Splits

That’s more 10 minute miles than I like to see in my splits but running that 9:09 really helped bring down the average pace.

Bama & Ray necklace

Earlier this month, Olive to Run had an amazing give away for a Bama & Ray necklace.  While I didn’t win the give away, I did fall in love with a necklace.  Olive also had a discount code for 20% off and it was too tempting to pass up.  So I ordered the Runners Wing Necklace.  I figured since I’d all ready completed two half marathons this year, I deserved a little something, so I ordered mine with the 13.1 tag.  It came quickly and was beautifully packaged.

Since this mornings run wasn’t ideal but wasn’t horrible either, I decided to wear my necklace today.  Sometimes a nice piece of jewelry is a perfect reminder that you love your sport and of how much you’ve accomplished.

Tomorrow is Easter Sunday at my mom’s even though it’s Saturday.  It’s the only day everyone in the family could get together and for me, it won’t affect my long run on Sunday (selfish, I know).  The plan is for me to get up early (again) and hit the road to get my 6 miles in.  Thankfully, it won’t be 3:45 week day run early.  I’m thinking up at 6, out the door by 6:15, back home by 7:15, stretch & hit the shower by 7:30 to be out the door and on the road by 9.  Somewhere in there I guess I will need some breakfast.  Might have to make a Starbucks stop on the way over…and the way back.

It’s a two-hour drive to get there and a two-hour drive to get back.  Dinner is a 5pm, so to get back and have a decent bed time, I need to be back on the road by 7pm.  It’s going to be a long day.

What are your Easter plans?

If your long run is Sunday, do you still plan to run?


14 thoughts on “AM Runs are not always Awesome…

  1. I like your necklace! We have church then dinner with my MIL. I am looking forward to my niece and nephew (age 2 & 4) have their egg hunt. They are at that age where it’s fun to watch.
    That slow down creepy guy would have totally freaked me out!

    1. I love egg hunts but we don’t have any children in my family so I don’t generally get to watch them.

      Creepy guy did creep me out but I was right next to the game wardens house so I figured if creepy guy didn’t keep going, I could bang on the GW’s door.

  2. I’m gonna go out on a limb and say AM runs are almost never fun haha I keep trying to be a morning runner but the evening is my best time. Except race days of course…now if only I could face every morning run like a race day, sigh lol

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