Nappy Time Girl…

I took a little break from blogging over the weekend only because I was so bone tired that I spent most of Saturday and Sunday sleeping in the chair in the family room. My Sweetie was gone working so me and the dogs napped the weekend away.

Let Sleeping Dogs Lie
It looked pretty much like this…

I think some of the exhaustion was from having my schedule thrown off last week and because I upped my weekly mileage.  I didn’t up it that much but my 4 mile runs were starting to feel like they weren’t worth the effort to get out of bed for any more.  Two of my 4’s were upped to 5’s and one 4 was upped to 6.  That’s only 4 additional miles but since I was pretty much running on empty for Running of the Elks last sunday, those 4 additional miles really hurt.

Saturday morning was perfect weather to run.  It was 48 and sunny.  My legs felt awesome and I’m pretty sure that I smiled the entire time I was running.  Running around town has become a bit challenging since it seems like half the roads are closed or rerouted due to construction.  So I just meandered around and ended up with a very good run.

Saturday Run

Sunday’s run was not as good as Saturday and I suspect some of that was due to diet and sleeping all day on Saturday.  But the weather was ok.  It was overcast and I never did see the sun but the temps were in the 50’s which doesn’t suck.

Sunday Run

I’m feel pretty much back to normal now and even followed through with my plan to get up this morning at 3:45 to get my 5 miles in.

Monday AM Run

My neighborhood is basically a square with a road that runs around the inside with other streets branching off.  The road around the inside is about 9/10th of a mile and if I stick to the outside of the street, I only have to cross the street 3 times per lap.  I’ve been running this loop in the morning because I’m too chicken to leave the neighborhood at 4am.  Mostly I worry about cars and dogs more than anything else and for right now I’m happy with running this loop.  I’m never more than a half a mile from the house and most people know me because I run the area lot.  It’s a false sense of security but working for Corrections, I’m used to having my head on a swivel always watching for inmates so I think this helps me stay safe on runs too.

I finished my run with time to spare this morning so I hung out outside with the dogs while they did their business instead of just letting them out and getting in the shower.  I stretched out my very tight calf a while I waited for them.  And then it was time to get Sweetie up and for me to get in the shower.

How was your weekend?

Do anything fun?


7 thoughts on “Nappy Time Girl…

  1. Napping is the best. Great job getting up super early again to run! I think it’s smart to stay close to home that time of the morning, better safe than sorry!

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