I Don’t Ask for Much…

Why are there no medals given out for just getting your butt up and out of bed at 4am?  There should be.  There should be a course support and a bicycle guy like you’re the leader in a race.  And there should be someone to take your headphones when the battery runs out half way through and to hand you a second set so you can keep the jams going.  The roads should be closed so some jerk doesn’t run a stop sign while making a right hand turn while never looking to the right (thank god I saw his headlights and knew he wasn’t going to stop).  And a cheering crowd would have been lovely as I finished my run.  I don’t think I’m asking for too much.

Yes, all of these things would be nice but there was none of that.  Mile 1, I got a low battery warning from my JayBirds.  Mile 2, they quit.  Mile 3, was the stop sign runner.  Mile 4, I was out of time.  I’d planned for a 5 mile run but due to getting out the door 5 minutes later than planned, I was only able to squeeze in 4 miles before it was 5am and I needed to be in the shower.

So here’s what I learned from this mornings run:

1.  Get up at 3:45, not 4 to have enough time to get in 5 miles
2.  Charge the headphones.
3.  Switch running route around the neighborhood to go the other direction.  That way you only have to cross the street, 3 times per lap.
4.  Find out where the stop sign runner lives and egg his house (not really)

Run 04-11-14

My time was slower than my normal afternoon runs but it was my first time getting up early to run.  Any run is a good run but if you feel great while doing it regardless of time, it’s an awesome run.  This mornings run was an awesome run.  I knew it was slow but it felt great to run.

After Running of the Elks last Sunday went so awfully, I was afraid the the runs where I feel great were gone forever.  Wednesdays run was not good either due to the heat and I was really worried that I might have pushed myself to far.  Despite the early hour of this mornings run, the love was back.

Now the question is whether or not I can stay awake for the rest of the day at work.

What’s your favorite time of day to run?

Do you ever feel like the love is gone only to recapture it ?


20 thoughts on “I Don’t Ask for Much…

  1. Totally a PM runner which is why the week before my race, I’d go through the pain of getting up earlier to sync up my clock for those early start on race day! I always respect those runners that can will themselves up at 4-5am…

  2. I prefer running in the morning, I feel more rushed when I try to run in the evening! I get up at 5 a couple of mornings a week when I run by myself, which took some getting used to, but it’s a great way to start the day!

    1. I liked running this morning. But by noon I was ready for a nap. And now I feel weird because I’m not running at my regular time this evening. Guess I’ll walk the dogs or something.

  3. I think my subconscious read that you were getting up at 4 and said “Well, she’s one of the people we want to model ourselves after, so we need to bet getting up, too!” because I’m waking up at five antsy and ready to go.

  4. Good job getting through that! My favorite time to run is midday. I am definitely at the tail end of a running slump too. We moved across the country last year, and that just messed up everything.

  5. I have a love/hate with waking up early to run. Some days it’s great and I like getting it out of the way. Others (like this morning) I can’t drag my tired ass out of bed to do it at all. So on days like that, I go midday and for now that works until it becomes like 100 degrees out. Good on you for waking up so early and getting it done. “Early” for me is 5:30 so I should probably stop complaining.

    1. I hear ya. My neighborhood is super working class and a lot of people are getting ready to leave for work between 4:30 and 5 while I’m out running. So I feel pretty privelaged to be out doing what I enjoy instead of going to work like those folks. Becuase leaving for work at 4:30 is just mean.

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