Last Long Run…

After yesterdays storm, todays run was crisp and clear.  It’s one of those days that make you glad to be alive and thankful to be moving around under your own power.


My schedule called for an easy long run of 9 miles and that’s just what I did.  9 easy miles in 1:33:16.  Average pace of 10:20.  This is the pace I’d like to maintain for next weeks Running of the Elks half marathon.  This run was my last long run of this training session.  I’ve been feeling a lot tired over the last week so I’m hoping with this taper week I will be able to gain back some of my energy before next week.


I’ve run a lot of miles this month in preparation for Running of the Elks and I still have more miles to run before the month is over.  I’m scheduled to run 4 miles tomorrow to round out the month.  Those 4 miles will be the longest run of the week until Sunday and then the race is on.


I am so looking forward to this race.  I’m hoping that this cooler weather holds until next Sunday.  The course for this race is all in the open with no shade.  I need to defog my glasses before this race and wash my visor.  I’m going to have to create my own shade.


I’ve joined the ranks of people with racing stickers on their car.  I’ve never had stickers on my car before but I feel like I’ve earned the right with 2 halves under my belt and two more scheduled this year.  And possibly more in the fall.  I’m already looking forward to the fall season.

3 thoughts on “Last Long Run…

  1. You earned that sticker! I’ll tell you one thing, when I finished my half in February, I’m not only going to get one, but 13. One for each mile! I’m gonna plaster those bad boys ALL OVER the car!

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