And Then the Weather Changes…

After a couple of weeks of perfect weather California decided to throw a curve ball.  It’s overcast,  the wind is blowing and rain is threatening.   We even had tornadoes earlier in the week.

Crazy Ca Weather

I can deal with the crazy weather.  Unless there is lightening,  I still get out and run.  This morning was no exception.


I have a 9 mile long run scheduled for tomorrow and last night was a little crazy in terms of when I was finally able to eat dinner.  Dinner was at 8:30 and it wasn’t real food.  So my fueling was off for today’s run.  But I needed todays run so I went out slow and just the legs decide how fast to go.  It was a much slower run then I’ve had in a while but it felt good.


My new Brooks Pure Cadence 2 arrived last night so I took them out for a test drive on my run this morning.   When I first put them on I was nervous because I felt like they were going to slip in the heels but they didn’t slip at all on my run.  The first half mile I had a bit of arch pain in my right foot but thats not at all abnormal for me.  I’m super tempted to wear them for my long run tomorrow but I dont want to anger the running gods.

Overall it was two thumbs up for the new shoes and Maggie gave them the dachshund seal of approval too.

How do break in your new running shoes?

What kind of weather keeps you from running?


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