Week 5 Long Run and Recap…

Luck O'the Irish

Happy St. Patrick’s Day, my friends!  If you had long runs planned for Sunday morning, I hope you didn’t do too much rabble rousing on Saturday night or if you did, I hope you were able to pull off the long run without a hangover.  I stayed in on Saturday night and did no drinking…which is pretty normal considering I don’t drink.  But whatever, St. Paddy’s day is upon us and I hope it’s lucky for you.

Week 5 recap:

Monday:  5.07 miles in 50:56
Wednesday:  4:55 miles in 45:05
Friday:  Skipped to stay home and eat pizza with Hubby
Saturday:  4:02 miles in 41:09
Sunday:  11.03 miles in 2:00:21

I was really happy with my Monday & Wednesday Short runs.  Monday average pace was 10:03 & Wednesday was 9:57.  Saturday was ok at 10:14.  It’s nice to see that despite the warming of the temperatures, I’m still able to keep my times in the 10 minute range.  I know it’s not “fast” but I admit that I’m a middle to back of the pack girl.  But at 10 minutes/mile I feel like I’m putting in a good effort.

Long run:

Sunday Long Run 3/16

Sundays long run was really nice.  I planned a route that would take me from my familiar routes to a new area of “town” that I’d not really run in.  New terrain on a long run is a must to keep me from thinking about the run.  I wish I’d taken some pictures because it was a beautiful morning.  Right now despite the drought, it’s very green and lush here.  I saw squirrels, cows, horses, sheep, goats, ducks and chickens.  My route took me out into a more rural part of town and it so so lovely.  The only down side is that there are no shoulders on the road or sidewalks so I was forced into the roads.  But most cars just gave me a wide berth, waved and went on.  In town, if you’re in the street it’s almost like they aim for you.

Week 5 Long Run

I mostly stayed in the upper 10’s, lower 11’s.  While I would have liked to start picking up the pace around mile 5 and finish with my pace in the lower 10’s, long run is supposed to be long and slow so I’m ok with it.  Average pace as 10:55 and I finished in 2 hours.  My goal for Running of the Elks is to finish around 2:20:00 and I think that if I can keep an 11/minute pace I will come dang close to that goal.  While my goal is 2:20 as long as I beat my previous half marathon time of 2:29:30, I’m going to be happy.

Running of the Elks is now 3 weeks away.  I have two more longs runs and then it’s taper to the race.  The plan is to run a 12 mile long run this coming Sunday and then a 9 miler on the following Sunday.  On one hand I feel like I’m prepared for the race but on the other, I’m kind nervous about it.  Pre-race jitters.  Clearly I’ve done the work.  I’m not worried about not finishing or looking like a fool or coming in last but the thought of not performing the way I know I can scares me.  Or having a tough run that I struggle the entire time, now that scares me.  I try not to think about it.

What scares you about racing?

How do you mentally prepare for a big race?

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