Race Recap & Long Run

IMG_148125699799566   Lucky Run was a sucess.  I ran into a friend from high school that’s now a teacher and a triathlete.  She was there with some students to run their first half marathon.   It was so nice to see her. The race was great over all but at the start somehow I ended up behind walkers and a guy running with a double wide running stroller.  All that despite the fact that I started at the 10:00 minut mile mark.  The field didn’t thin out until about a  mile 1.  Much of the course was run on bike paths with just a bit on the street. Due to the size of the field it was a very slow first mile but after that the 7 milers split off from the 7k folks and at that point I started picking off people and trying to move towards the front of the field.  I like to make a game of it by nicknaming people as I pick people to try and pass.  There was “the shaker” who would shake out his hands every 30 seconds.  There was “grunter” for obvious reasons, “perfect stride twins”, “stick twins”,  & a few others.


Over all, the race was fun and I’m really happy with my results.   I finished 185th in the 7k & 11th female in my age category.   So close to the top ten.


Last night was also Black tie & Boots fundraiser.   We had a very fun time.  I got to see people that I dearly love but don’t get to see often enough.  Plus getting dressed up is really fun.


However staying out too late, improper hydration and improper fueling lead to a very tough long run this morning.  I struggled from the go this morning.  It was ok until about mile 4 when I had to go up and over a steep overpass.  By mile 7 I was walking occasionally and by 10 I was just glad to be done.  My stomach never felt well and I just felt dry, not thirsty but dry.  It was very weird.

I’m looking forward to tomorrow’s shake out run.

What’s your favorite race?

How do you prefuel for your long runs?



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