One Training Week at a Time

Half Marathon:  Running of the Elks in Elk Grove, CA

When:  April 6, 2014

Remaining Weeks to train: 5 Week

Current Week of Training:  Week 3

Let’s start with the back story and I’ll make it quick becuase it can turn into a bit of a long one if I let it.  I love to talk about my running, both sucesses and fail so it tends to drag on.

2 years ago I trained for and ran the Sacramento Shamrockin’ Half (2012) in 2:29:30, 30 seconds faster than my goal of 2:30.  I wasn’t really satisfied with my time and joined a training group through my local Fleet Feet to train for the Parkway Half in April of 2012.  Training went well but the week before the Half, I stopped to pet the dog and then promptly tripped over him spraining my ankle badly enough that I was on crutches for about a week thus missing the Half.  I took time off from running to heal and that time off went for 2 years.

In November of 2013, I changed jobs and no longer had a 2 hour daily commute.  I had more time to take care of myself and started walking a lot, I joined a crossfit gym and by January 2013 I was running again.  I signed up for a 7k in March and for my birthday at the begining of February i signed up to run The Running of Elks.  I love training, both for races and X-training.  My body loves it and so does my mind.  I feel clearer and more awake than I have in a long time.  But it also leaves me with a need to “talk” about running and thus this new blog.  I’ve blogged before at One Dropped Stitch but I don’t want my training to run over on to that, plus I haven’t been knitting much (too much training to do).

Week 3 of Training:

This week is a bit off because I have other obligations (read that as getting my hair done) and I have to rearrange my schedule a bit to fit it all in.  Normally Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday & Sunday are training days and I do crossfit on Tuesdays and Thursday.  This week I will have to do crossfit and a run today.  Not ideal, but since it’s an easy 4 I think I can make it happen.  I just hope it’s not leg day at the gym.

leg day

Otherwise training is on schedule.  I didn’t even let yesterdays windy and rainy conditions deter me from getting my training run done.  Actually I ran it even faster than I normally do.  4.51 miles in 45 minutes, average pace: 9:59.  And it felt good.


My goal for the Running of the Elks is to finish in about 2:21:04…at least that’s what my Endomando app seems to think I can do it in.  I just want anything that will beat my Shamrockin’ time.


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